Winter Cleanse Series - Kitchen Detox

Welcome to the Easy Ways to Detox at Home During Winter series. 

This week we're going to explore your kitchen and many of the ways you can detox the hub of your home.

Let's begin with the food you buy and bring into your kitchen. I will assume that your fridge is already full of a large array of fruits and vegetables. If you can, it's best to buy organic. I understand that isn't financially viable for everyone. You can also shop at Farmers Markets or buy direct from the farmer. Many farmers use pesticide-free methods to keep the pests off their crops, but don't want to go through the rigmarole of getting certified as organic. Make sure you ask the farmer about their pest control methods. And don't be afraid to try new varieties of produce! Once upon a time, there were hundreds of different varieties of all fruit and vegetables. Smaller farms will often sow heirloom seeds which result in some super colourful and unusual looking varieties!

Next, let's look at your pantry and the way you store your pantry items. Glass jars and containers have made a comeback in recent times as they are fully recyclable at the end of their life with you and therefore better for the environment. You can buy glass storage containers from Australian websites such as Seed & Sprout if you love everything to look uniform. Otherwise, you can save glass jars from products you buy and repurpose them. If you have young children or are a bit clumsy like me, a lot of glass can be tricky. You could use stainless steel storage containers instead. 

Storing leftovers has now also become heaps easier with the invention of stretchy lids to pop over bowls or casserole dishes. No more pesky cling wrap or plastic storage containers - yay for the environment and no BPA concerns! BPA has been shown to leech into food stored inside, especially when heated. When the BPA then enters our body, it mimics our natural oestrogen and can affect not only our body but also that of your baby if you're pregnant which can impair fetal development. BPA has caused some controversy with researchers debating linkages to cancer and cardiovascular disease. If you can go without plastic, then do.

If you want to go further for the environment, you can now buy compostable sponges from major supermarkets and items such as non-baking paper from Seed & Sprout. Zero Co also offer handwash and dishwashing liquid in recyclable packaging. 

Take the challenge to see how much you can detox your kitchen for the benefit of yourself and planet earth!


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