Winter Cleanse Series - National Lazy Day

Happy National Lazy Day! 

What a fantastic day to celebrate! Although, I'm not sure that some of us could get any lazier during lockdown - did you get out of your pyjamas today? Brush your hair? lol High-five if you did! :) 

All kidding aside, the idea of 'being lazy' has accrued a very negative connotation. It's generally a term that is directed towards a person whose values are not aligned with our own and therefore will not consistently do something we find important. Ex - teenagers who won't clean their room. 

It is 100% ok to have a 'lazy day' though! Most religions around the world grant a day off every week. It has been a custom for hundreds of years. It has been found that having at least one lazy day per week can reduce stress, high blood pressure and the chances of having a stroke. That should be incentive enough! 

Pre-COVID we had become accustomed to leading very busy lives, living with constant pressure to excel, succeed and accomplish. Parents can add the pressure of their children's lives to the list as well. Most of us didn't have a day off, a day to do nothing, a day to just enjoy life. Or a good book. Or family board games. Or actual conversations with their children. Or calling Nanna to say hello. We were in desperate need to calm down and take a timeout. 

I hope that through the cancellations of most typical events you have re-found the time to have lazy days (there's only so many times you can weed the garden or vacuum!), to rejuvenate, to notice the buds forming on your gardenia bush or the birds nesting in your tree or finding joy just watching your child play and create and marvelling at their imagination.

I wish you a most relaxing lazy day :)


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