Could you actually die from a Juice Cleanse? NO

It is a terrible tragedy that young Peaches Geldorf passed away this week.  She obviously had a loving family and a lot to live for, so to see a life cut short, it is very very sad.

But I read this weel, and heard on the radio this morning, that the media is saying that she might have died from a juice cleanse!  The article I read (it is here, if you are interested:

In my opinion, saying she died from a juice cleanse is about as ridiculous as saying she died from water, or ice cream, or vegetable soup!  There are people that survive in terrible situations for long periods of time on just water alone, or in extreme situations on their own urine.  The media seems to be pointing to the fact that she may have had an eating disorder, which may have lead to a heart attack (which is all speculation at this stage).  A heart attack which could have been caused from any number of reasons, genetic, or even drug induced….

An eating disorder could mean a person with anorexia only eats small amounts of vegetable soup (or diet ice-cream, or protein bars, etc)  so if this anorexic person dies, is soup to blame?  Juice cleanses remain a great way to nourish your body with a balance of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to ensure a balanced vegan diet to help cleanse and reset the body.  It is not the juice cleanse that should be getting the bad PR here.

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