Clean Sleeping – avoiding COMA

Have you ever wondered why some nights you sleep so soundly and other nights are incredibly frustratingly restless?  I have had a few bad nights over the last few weeks and can pretty much pin point a few reasons as to why.  The things you put in your body affect your sleep just as much as they affect everything else like weight loss, energy levels, skin clarity, etc.  So if you are having terrible sleeps, think about your diet….


C -The most obvious culprits are stimulants like coffee and nicotine.  Any stimulant drug (yes caffeine is a drug too) can temporarily make us feel more alert by blocking sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increasing adrenaline production.  Once in the body, it takes about 6 hours for one half of the caffeine to be eliminated.  Drinking anywhere near 12 hours before you sleep will likely have some impact on your sleep quality.


O-Overeating used to be a big one for me, not every night, but on the weekends I might have a big meal out.  And I would feel it.  Whilst all I wanted to do was sleep, because all the blood had drained to service the digestive process, once in bed I was so uncomfortable and restless I could not sleep.  Also, eating close to bed and not allowing your food to properly digest before laying down can cause heart burn and reflux.  Think of your food going in your mouth, through your eosophoagus, then makings its way through your stomach to your intestines.  If you go from a vertical position (where gravity gradually moves your meal through your body) down to a horizontal position straight after eating, then food could go left and right, rather than just down when you are vertical.  So if things could be coming back “up” then that will be bringing stomach acid with it. 


M- MSG  is commonly associated with sensitivities, and for me it produces an increased heart rate, alertness and a little bit of anxiety.  I know as soon as I have had it.  And the annoying thing is trying to identify it!  MSG in not only found in the old Asian takeaway, but it can be found in things like chicken salt, batter on fried food, and salt/spice mixes.  You may not always identify MSG in the ingredients list in your foods at home either, because sometimes it has the code 621.



A - Whilst alcohol it may help you fall asleep but it also affects the quality of your sleep. I consistently find a lower quality of sleep if I have had a drink that day/night.  While I may feel more tired when I go to sleep, I can almost guarantee that I won’t stay asleep the whole night.


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