Its never too late start…

It is easy to think “one day I will get healthy”, one day you will:

Stop smoking

Start exercising

Join the gym/or actually go to the gym

Stop eating take away every day

Start eating vegetables


But when will it be that day? Will it be tomorrow, maybe next week, perhaps a new years resolution….  I stumbled across this video today and thought it was a really good message about how easy it is to fall into a rut and just eat crap, do no exercise, feed your kids naughty food and become something you don’t really want to be.  It is all about the power of now.  You can make a decision NOW that will change the rest of your life.  It doesn’t mean you have to suddenly change into a raw vegan.  But try committing to one new change every week.  Like tonight I might just veggies for dinner and I will try every Tuesday to just have a vegetable based dinner.  That is one small change.  Next week you can try something else, see if it sticks.  Maybe it wont, and you can try another change.  Perhaps you don’t control the cooking in the house, but you can control the portion size, so try for 2/3 the size.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean exactly the same for everyone, some people think healthy is lean meats with vegetables and walking for an hour every day.  For others it might veganism and yoga, and still others think healthy is just not eating crap.  Whatever it is, you can start it today to change tomorrow!

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