HOW TO: Eat Clean when you are busy and stressed


One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle can be time.  We just don't have time to make all the right food, don't have time to plan out meals, don't have time to make juice, don't have time to get fresh vegetables every day....  And generally the reason we don't have time is that we are busy and stressed.  So here are my best tips for maintaining your cleanliness even when you are busy, stressed and time poor:


Drink lots of water.  If you are out on the road, stop at a service station, shop, anything to get a big bottle of water.  Drinking water will help you to stay hydrated and when you are hydrated you won’t be as hungry. 


Don't grab a packet of chips at the shop, grab a few pieces of fruit instead.  A banana and apple with a few glasses of water will help you, or even a handful of raw nuts, if you can find them.  Luckily most convenience store and service stations are stocking a couple of pieces of fruit these days, so just grab them.


Try not to miss meals. The hungrier you get, the more you will crave something tasty, filling and naughty.  If you miss breakfast and then miss lunch, by dinner time you will likely be craving a really big satisfying meal.  Which means you will overeat, and your body will be hanging onto more of it than it needs.


Make yourself a priority.  Taking 10 minutes to grab something to eat won't end the world.

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