Does fruit really make you fat?

I understand that there is bit of an anti-sugar movement right now. Which I agree with on principal. Limiting the amount of processed and added sugar in your diet is a plus for anyone. But I guess the definition of cutting sugar from your diet has been interpreted a few different ways. I met some people at a Saturday night BBQ that were drinking diet soft drink. They were quite proud of themselves that they weren’t drinking the “full sugar” version, as they got turned off when someone told them how many teaspoons of sugar go into a cup. So good on them for learning and looking for a better option, but they thought an artificially sweetened option meant they had cut sugar out of their diet and made them so much healthier. If I were to drink soft drink, I would buy the full sugar version rather than the chemical sweetened. At least I know what sugar is, but I don’t really understand what aspartamine or phenalynine is, nor do I really know what it is doing to me. I say stay away from soft drink altogether.

I met a fruitarian on the weekend, know what that is? You may have heard of a pretty famous one, Steve Jobs, or heard of it through the popular paleo diet. It is a subset of veganism, which means you eat 80% of your diet in fruit. The average fruitarian in one day has half a watermelon, ten dates, three bananas, three plums, four cups of grapes, a salad, and vegan lasagna. Averaging about 3000 calories per day, yes I meant to write calories, not kilojoules. To most people this would seem like a recipe for weight gain, all that sugar going into your body every day, but as a fruitarian, you can’t worry about mealtimes or social eating conventions. You eat like our ancestors did: whenever you want, and as much as you can handle. This, the fruitarians claim, solves a wide variety of problems, both physical and emotional. It certainly seems to solve the problem of carrying excessive weight. It is interesting to note that these guys are aiming for at least 3000 calories a day with no concern about putting on weight, but just improving their health and well being.

I am not saying we should all consider becoming fruitarians, but it may be worthwhile considering not being scared of the sugar in fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is a very important aspect of a balanced diet and it’s sugar content shouldn’t really be an important aspect.



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