Has your relationship changed your weight?

I read an article recently on how falling in love makes you fat.  They claim that 52% of women eat as much as their male partner. Some 62 per cent of people admit gaining up to a stone since being in a relationship, while 72 per cent also think their partner has put on weight.  Why does a relationship change our eating and/or exercise habits?

It could be the comfort you feel around them.  I know for me, sometimes it is easier to come home and if my partner is home, then just say to myself “oh well, lets just hang out” but if I came home to an empty house, I would drag myself out for a run.  The increase in portion size happens easily too when my partner starts cooking. He doesn’t understand that I only eat half as much as him, but yet when serves it out, my portion is about 9/10 of his. 

How can you avoid the partner fat trap?

* Set an activity you like doing together. On the weekends, we will always run together (well not together, but we start off at the same time), which means that we are both out of the house together – no-one is sitting on the couch

* Find a set of bowls and plates that fit the portion size that you want to eat.  So it may be a small bowl that you have somewhere in your cupboard, and if that matches the size you only ever want to eat, make sure whoever serves dinner knows this is your bowl/plate

* Make yourself accountable for the changes, it isn’t your partners fault.  If you are gradually changing your eating and exercise habits, be aware of it and be accountable

* Partners that cleanse together, stay together.  We do special 10% off, plus only 1 delivery fee for 2 people at the same address that cleanse together.  You will appreciate the support and come out the other end, cleaner, happier and more committed to a healthy life

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