Would you prefer off the rack or made specially for you?

It is an interesting perspective on fresh cold pressed juices places that are popping up.  The dilemma comes when you consider buying something off the rack versus having something made specially for you.  Lately you can go into a few shops and buy “fresh” juice in bottles from a shelf. But how fresh is it really…  I hate the whole concept of wastage.  I hate knowing that things will not be drunk/eaten/ thrown out when we have such a huge problem of people starving and pollution.  Just imagine the packaging that gets totally wasted if a shop selling “fresh juice” in a bottle, with a 3 day shelf life, that juice doesn’t sell within its 3 days and then how many bottles are getting thrown into land fill?  PLUS, because wastage can be such a problem, how do you know the juice you are drinking was made that day?  Perhaps it was made a few days ago but you don’t know. 

We are still committed to making juices fresh each day and making to order.  When you order from us, you know you have to order by 12pm for next day, so we make up every individual bottle specially for you.  There is no surplus, very few leftovers as we pride ourselves on being the freshest on the market. 

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