Losing weight is like writing a book

I am currently attempting to write my first book.  I was thinking this week how similar it is to a weight loss goal.  Say you want to lose 10kg, or fit back into your size 10 jeans, or any other goal.  You have an end game in mind, but there is a lot of yards between now and then.  You can set little goals each week, or even each day to help you achieve your end game.  Like, exercise regimes, meeting personal trainers, healthy eating.  But it is VERY easy to get bogged down with the enormity of the task.  Writing a book is a huge job, so is losing 10kg.  It isn't going to happen in one weekend if you really focus, as much as I would like to think it will.  It just takes time.  A lot of it.  Big exercise sessions sometimes feel like they should have pushed you a lot further to your goal, but you jump on the scales after it, and it barely reflects anything.  It is like my goal of writing 2000 words per weekend, I feel so accomplished after achieving my mini goal of 2000 words, but then I am quickly reminded that if I am going to achieve 100,000 words, this book is going to take a year or longer!!  It is easy to lose sight that your little goals are all helping to get to the big goal.  My advice?  Just keep going, you will eventually surprise yourself!

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