Should you try to alkalise your body? And how can you?

One of the main objectives of a juice cleanse is to alkalise the body.  The alkaline greens are a fantastic way to reduce your body’s pH.  But why is that important?  Most of us would remember school chemistry and the litmus paper tests we had to do, measuring the colour against a code and deciding whether the substance was acidic or alkaline.  Well your body is the same.  It has a pH level.

The pH level is the Potential Hydrogen, and it is the driving force behind a lot of bodily functions, including metabolism, pain, and disease.  If your body is higher is acidity, it causes a condition called acidosis and it is associated with many conditions, for example, organs show signs of chronic cardiovascular, liver, kidney damage, adrenal insufficiency, bladder and kidney stones. Structurally, muscle soreness and fatigue can result from an overly acidic system. In addition, an acidic body terrain is linked with poor oxygen utilization, premature aging, asthma, allergies, immunodeficiency, slow recovery from colds and flu's, arthritis, osteoporosis, anemia, and chronic fatigue. Emotionally, people who are depressed have shown to have a constant acidic body terrain.

How do reduce your internal acidity?

Even though there are many sources of acidity and toxicity in our environments, the biggest contributor to unbalanced pH is our diet.  Eating too much animal protein causes sulfuric acid to build up in the blood as amino acids are broken down.  Calcium-rich dairy products cause some of the highest rates of osteoporosis. That’s because they create acidity in the body! When your blood stream becomes too acidic, it will steal calcium (a more alkaline substance) from the bones to try to balance out the pH level. So the best way to prevent osteoporosis is to eat lots of alkaline green leafy veggies!

Alkaline Foods
Fruits, mushrooms and vegetables (especially citrus, dates, raisins and spinach) promote an alkaline pH.  Strangely enough, acidic fruits such as orange, lemon and tomatoes don’t create acidity in the body. They do just the opposite and contribute to an alkaline environment.
Raw foods
Uncooked fruits and vegetables are said to be biogenic or “life-giving.” Cooking foods depletes alkalinizing minerals. Increase your intake of raw foods, and try juicing or lightly steaming fruits and vegetables.
Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has a pH of 9 to 11. Distilled water is just fine to drink. Water filtered with a Reverse Osmosis filter is slightly acidic, but it’s still a far better option than tap water or purified bottled water. Adding pH drops, lemon or lime, or baking soda to your water boosts alkalinity.
Green Drinks
Drinks made from green vegetables and grasses in powder form are loaded with alkaline-forming foods and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is structurally similar to our own blood and alkalizes the blood.

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