Because the Sea Weed!

Do you realize just how much you can benefit from including some sea weed in your diet? You might think, yes, I guess it is good for me, but is it really that good? Yes, it is!

Wrapping it around a nori roll is one thing, but it can be added to a multitude of dishes for some resounding healthy benefits.

It is rich in Vitamin A and C and contains 10 times as much calcium as milk. plus it is an excellent way to purify your blood. But it also contains something that is vitally important and also absent in a lot of other foods: iodine. Iodine is crucially important to maintaining a healthy thyroid, which is the gland in your neck that helps produce and manage hormone levels. If your thyroid isn’t working properly you can experience a wide range of symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, high cholesterol, difficulty losing weight, depression and also more serious issues like heart palpitations and memory loss.

Avoiding a dodgy thyroid is easy by munching on some seaweed. It depends on the water that the seaweed is grown in, but it can contain 5 to 50 times the daily recommended dose of iodine. But be aware there is too much of a good thing, so having TOO much can be just as detrimental. So don’t go overboard.

 The nori seaweed contains lower levels than other colour seaweed, so don’t stress too much about your Friday lunch treat sushi, but you can add some seaweed to a salad or add to your miso soup each week for optimum health benefits.

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