What to eat at what time of year

Have you ever noticed that things taste different in Winter as opposed to Summer?  Growing up on a fruit farm, I used to both love and loathe the fruit season (my parents farm grew peaches and nectarines).  I loved it because of the fresh availaibility of delicious sweet fruit (and I loathed it because it meant working every weekend and after school).  This was summer and that is when stone fruit is readily available, as well as other things like pineapple and mangoes.  So what does the season mean for your fruit and veggies? 

Basically eating your fruit and veg in season will mean it will taste better.  The flavours will be fresher, sweeter, fuller and taste how they are supposed to taste.  Plus it is cheaper!  You know it is in season when those prices start to come down and they can't move the stuff quick enough.  Basic economics, if it is in season, there is lots of of supply so there prices will be better.  Fruit and vegetables in season will have had more of a chance to ripen properly Vs sitting in cold storage for months on end, so there should be more availability of micronutrients for your body.

What should you try to eat this season?

In Autumn, apples, pears kiwi fruit and lemon are all seasonal.  You will see all sorts of brightly coloured apples in the grocer right now.  Try them salads or just munch on them as a snack (and tooth cleaner).

Winter is great for bananas, oranges and mandarins.  All citrus comes alive in Winter, plus it is rich in Vitamin C which is exactly what you need in the cooler months.

Brocoli, beans and cabbage are seasonal vegetables in Autumn, together with cauliflower and mushrooms.  They are perfect stir fry and soup vegetables.  Pumpkin is also in season, which is so versatile in any kind of dish.  I roasted some last night with a little salt, pepper and coconut oil and tossed it through a salad!  Delish!

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