Is healthy the new pretty?

When I was a little girl I really wanted to be pretty. I wasn’t particularly pretty looking, but I really wanted to be. Then I grew up a bit more, into high school and saw all pretty girls and hated them, but still wanted to be them. They knew they were pretty, but they had the common sense to not walk around telling everyone they were. They weren’t quite that conceited. Nor were the smart kids, like the really smart ones. They might have actively participated in class, but they didn’t walk the courtyard telling everyone they come across, “Hey there, I am really smart.” If you had encountered them, you would have rolled your eyes, scoffed a little and reveled in the fact that even though you weren’t that smart, you weren’t that up yourself.

Could “healthy” have become the new quality that people want to be known for but would feel conceited to admit to? If someone would to say to you, “ I am very healthy”, would you meet that with an eye roll, a scoff and muttering under the breath? So I wonder why…. It could be that some of us aren’t happy with how we treat our bodies and want to do better by ourselves, but can’t quite make the changes necessary. Pretty and smart are things we can’t really change about ourselves. We can wear more makeup, style our hair, educate ourselves, but those things aren’t going to change the way we were made. However, you can definitely change how healthy you are. Small changes to make yourself feel better will help you job that elite little club. All you have to do is start!

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