Spring clean your pantry

After the winter clears and the weather warms, I often look at my cupboards and think, “What on earth did I buy that for?”. Or more appropriately, when did my partner sneak that into the grocery basket. I found a box of choc chip cookies, some packet pasta, 2 minute noodles among other nasties that I care not to mention. Winter tends to get me at my weakest, I hate the cold and definitely understand the appeal of tasty quick naughty things that make you feel better (only briefly though). But when the winter breaks, and salad is not such a dirty word, then it is perfect timing to Spring Clean your body with a cleanse, but also Spring Clean your pantry. Here are my tips:

Look for anything that you are storing for a rainy day – if it is there, you are 100% guaranteed to eat it at some point. Maybe you get home from work and you missed lunch and it is the first thing you see, and 10 cookies end up disappearing in 2 minutes flat.

Donate whatever you don’t want to eat to the needy – all the prepackaged stuff can be donated, it will help them a lot and you don’t feel guilty for being wasteful and throwing it in the bin.

Organise what you do want to keep – get it all out and sort through it so you know exactly what you do have. I found 10 tins of chickpeas in our cupboard, as my partner seems to think we eat more of them than we actually do, so I have stacked all 10 together as I know I can make some yummy healthy dishes with lots of chickpeas!

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