Not only kids and dogs die in hot cars

 Do you leave a bottle of water in the car as a just in case? Perhaps in summer you might leave one there all day as a way to rehydrate in case you run out or can’t fill up. But leaving your water bottle in a hot car is possibly not a safe thing to do.

 It has to do with something that is called BPA (orbisphenol A). Please be aware that this is NOT found in all plastic bottles, and we specifically source BPA free plastics, but it may be found in your recyclable water bottle that you picked up at the corner store or supermarket. When you buy the water, in the bottle, it is cold or room temperature, which is fine, but it is it’s reactivity with heat that has got some concerned.   The temperature in a car can reach up to 70 degrees in the middle summer, which is exactly why we are warned not to leave animals in there, but this 70 degree heat can also be the kind of temperature needed to release BPA into the water.

We don’t want to drink the BPA because it has been suggested that it could alter hormone levels by mimicking oestrogen, it could cause heart problems, and even increase the risk of cancer. Whilst there is limited research as yet to support exactly how much BPA does leak in the water, and how high th temperatures need to be and how consistently high, I still believe it is worthwhile to avoid the water bottle sitting on the car seat. The other thing to consider is things like baby bottles, sports drink bottles, etc look out for BPA free bottles, as the consistent heating of bottles in the microwave/hot water may be another potential issue.

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