Yoga and Your Detox

 Hi, I’m Nadia Rihani, Director of the recently opened Yoga Village in Potts Point (right around the corner from the new Schkinny Maninny juice bar).

Yoga Village was created to provide the local community with a welcoming space to enjoy all that yoga provides – strength, flexibility and relaxation.

People often think that yoga is simply a series of stretches and breathing that make you feel good but ultimately won’t challenge you or benefit you in other ways. What they don’t realise is that yoga, when practiced regularly, provides so much more than this.

It is actually a form of movement, therapy and detoxification that work on multiple levels to help you feel energetic, strong, open, light and healthy – allowing you to live as the best version of yourself.

On a physical level the asana (postures) work simultaneously to create strength and flexibility whilst massaging internal organs, releasing hidden negative energy, stress, toxins and anything built up in the body that has no reason to be there.

The challenges of the asana practice create a healthier, stronger mind and body which in turn feeds into a healthier, happier life.

Coupled with the asana practice many forms of yoga, such as Hatha Vinyasa and Ashtanga Vinyasa - which we practice here at Yoga Village - work with breathing exercises. Focusing in on the breath whilst moving in and out of the asana helps to calm the nervous system, clearing the body of toxins and create a calmer state of mind.

So when you are next thinking about doing a juice cleanse consider the benefits of an energising yet calming yoga practice. Here at Yoga Village we offer a variety of classes for all levels that will increase the benefits of your cleanse.

We’d love to see you at Yoga Village and as a special offer for all you cleansers please print off this email to receive $20 for one week of unlimited classes (one pass per person – new students only).

Please feel free to share this with your friends. Looking forward to seeing you soon and happy cleansing.

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