Post School Holiday Detox

Two weeks of chicken nuggets, popcorn, soft serve icecream and hot chips may have you reveling in the freedom of being a kid again, eating whatever you want. But at the end of it, you may be left reminded once again that there is a reason you don’t eat that stuff all day every day anymore – because you are not growing upwards anymore….. Depressing as it is, it is easy to get straight back into good habits to undo the damage!

  1. Get straight to the grocery store and fill up your trolley with fresh fruit and vegetables
  2. Hide the frozen snacks in black plastic bags in the freezer. You don’t need to waste them, but if you cover the chicken nugget and fish finger boxes in something that you cannot see through, then you will be less likely to grab them out when the kids whinge about being hungry. And if you are not making them, then you are less likely to eat them too!
  3. Freeze some mango and bananas. These are an excellent first step to making delicious smoothie at home when you are hot and bothered in this sweltering heat without reaching for a cold soft drink. Just mix some frozen mango, 1 frozen banana, some ice and coconut water together in the blender and blend until smooth.
  4. Make friends with salad. A salad doesn’t have to be just vegetables, you can pump it up with some quinoa, brown rice or beans. Tinned beans are such an easy way to add more protein and iron (kidney beans and black beans are the highest in iron) to a fresh salad.

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