Foods to cool you down

It’s a warm spring so far, so its no surprise that an extra hot summer is likely around the corner. So before you reach for air conditioner remote, there are other ways to cools your body temperature. Foods are very effective at heating the body, think chilli sweats, but they can also be effective at cooling you down.

Cucumber is a great heat reliever, they are incredibly hydrating and great to snack in to stay cool

Watermelon is also very hydrating, and can really act like an internal air conditioner. It is not ultra sweet, which means it wont dehydrate you also.

Peaches are abundant in summer and rightly so, they are rich in vitamin a and vitamin C and only about 35 calories per piece of fruit.

Foods that are easy to digest are better during the warmer months as your body doesn’t have to work hard to break it down. Think about how much harder it is to feel comfortable after a big heavy meal in summer.

Coconut water will help to regulate electrolytes in your body which are very important to maintaining a healthy normal body temperature. If you can’t get the whole ones, then grab a packet from the fridge. I like the H2Coco natural un-flavoured coconut water.

Fennel seeds/fenugreek seeds/cardamom seeds – these spices, used regularly in curries are traditionally used for cooling in India. If you don’t have the wherewithal to use them in your cooking, then just soaking the seeds overnight in some water will have the same cooling effect.

Aloe vera juice is a great one to help sooth and cool a fiery inside, particularly if another food has heated you up.

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