Just the Juice - and only the Juice (well, plus some nuts)

Its Summer right now, and whilst sunny Queensland is really turning the weather on, Melbourne seems to be getting it mostly right, and Sydney seems to  need some lessons about when the sunshine should be out and about, we have been getting some requests for cleanses with just juices, and no soups.  So whilst we are happy to accomodate most requests (obviously a roast lamb and sweet potato juice is totally out of the question), we thought it might be timely to offer a cleanse program that doesn't do the soups at all.

 So, we did.  Simple really....  You told us, we listened.  It is called "Just the Juice".  So it still combines your fave juices (Leap Frog anyone?) with others too.  It also still combines a nut smoothie each day, so you are still getting a balance of vegetable proteins and unsaturated fats.  It is a great program for these hot months when you don't feel like heating or eating anything warm, and just feel like a refreshing light juice.

It is online right now to order.  We plan to keep it there all year long, so it won't fade with Winter.  If you just want the juice, and only the juice, you can have it.

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