Will bacon really kill you as quickly as cigarettes?

Hhm, maybe not. I like to consider myself a lazy vegan, most of the time I don’t eat any animal products (like dairy, meat, cheese, eggs, etc) but occasionally I do. And on that occasion I do veer onto the dark side, then I must admit I do enjoy a serving of bacon. But I wasn’t concerned when I heard the report from the World health organization. Even though some headlines have taken the main message from this report that processed meats are as dangerous as cigarettes and asbestos on your health, the actual report provided a risk ranking system which is based on the strength of the overall research NOT on a cause-effect danger of the product.

As a clean eating advocate, and clean juicing, I am not saying to go nuts on bacon everyday. Every now and then is ok, and in moderation. The strength of the research in this report did conclude that eating processed meats would increase your chances of colorectal cancer by 1% over those that don’t eat processed meats. So there could definitely be something to it, and would always advocate a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and nuts over a diet rich in processed foods.

Best advice? If you are a regular consumer of processed meats, then perhaps it is time to start thinking about cutting back. Think of it more like a treat than a staple.

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