Ask the Schkinny Experts!

 Ever wanted to ask the nitty gritty questions about doing this cleanse?  Well now you can!!

We now have a panel of Qualified experts in their field, that are ready to answer your questions.  Introducing the following 3 experts that are available to answer your questions:

Karen Meier - Nutritionist

Karen is an accredited nutritionist from Food Body Mind, a holistic health practice that combines common sense principles with the latest in nutritional therapy.

Karen is passionate about achieving optimal health for her clients and in her initial consultation with a client, all factors are considered - from the food her client is eating to potential emotional triggers, mental health considerations, allergies and how the immune system is functioning. No stone is left unturned.

Karen’s approach to helping clients reach their goals is to firstly understand who they are. She says; “When it comes to losing weight for instance, some people need only to master the physiology and to be educated about energy intake, exercise, stress and adequate sleep to obtain great results. For others, the key to success lies in their psychology and it is the belief that these people hold about themselves that often prevents them from obtaining or maintaining results”.

Karen believes that the same principle holds true when it comes to matters of health. From psoriasis to thyroid disease, understanding who the client is is fundamental to making recommendations that will work in their life.

You can find out more about Karen at

Amelia Joseph - Naturopath

Amelia Joseph is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, based from Power Healing in Manly and Neutral Bay, Sydney.

Amelia first began juicing as a teenager where she visited Hopewood for some serious juicing (6 small juices a day with half water half juice). You realise what you are made of when you embark on juicing but you also realise how good you feel! Amelia has been juicing on and off ever since and was so excited to discover Schkinny maninny many years ago. "I'll never forget my first week on the schkinny, it tasted so good and I felt AMAZING at the end". The pureness of the juice (which is like food) is what appeals to this naturopath. Amelia brings her skills of naturopathic nutrition to the Schkinny team and understands not everyone needs the same juice! She can help you no matter what your needs are!

You can contact Amelia directly here:

Mike Jarosky - Personal Trainer

My name is Michael Jarosky, and I am the founder of Droptober – Just Drop 2kgs.

I started Droptober because I intimately know the personal rewards an individual can benefit by committing to a healthier lifestyle. In what seems a lifetime ago, I used to work as strategic and financial consultant (CPA, MBA – Economics). The corporate dinners in Chicago (where I’m originally from), New York, and London along with the late night martinis led to the kilos piling on and the body of a mid-30s overweight man.
After one too many hangovers and new belt holes, I made a healthy lifestyle change to get my life back in order, and I wrote a book on it – 40 Days as a City Caveman, which Droptober participants receive as an eBook. When I saw that my words could help people become healthier individuals, I 

thought maybe my actions could do the same – I became a personal trainer in Sydney, Australia.
I love helping people reach their health and fitness goals. A new lifestyle is a better life – it is that simple. My ambition as a personal trainer is to help more people make better lifestyle choices – in the gym and in the kitchen. After an ideas session with a close mate in 2011, Droptober – Just Drop 2kg became my vehicle to help more people around the world find a healthier lifestyle.
I love Australia, and I love New Zealand – and I want to see a healthier community in both countries. I want to the next generation to benefit – that’s why Variety and Kids for Life are on board as charities. My personal donation from registration dollars will go to a charity I love – Guide Dogs Australia.
Obesity is affecting way too many of us in our beautiful countries and around many diverse parts of the globe. My personal goal is to see Droptober become a global movement to inspire and motivate people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Next year I hope to make Droptober its own foundation and to see it expand to the USA and UK.
Oh, and when not tirelessly working on Droptober and personal training groups and individuals, you might also see me as a contributor to UltraFit Magazine and Fairfax’s Executive Style. I am a Labrador Retriever fanatic, lover of the Bondi to Coogee hike, and so honoured to be living in a beautiful country like Australia.

You can contact Mike directly here:

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