Green+Food Spring Cleanse

Introducing a special Spring Cleanse this year!

Green Juice+Food+Green Food = Green+Food Cleanse

Combining our fave green juices, green protein and our super delicious salads, this green juice plus food cleanse is deliciously colourful Spring time cleanse that inspires images of lounging in soft green grass, butterflies and bunny rabbits hopping through fluffy ferns. 

You will receive the following each day:

2 xLeap Frog (apple, cucumber, spinach, parsley and kiwi)

1x Water Frog (kiwi, watermelon, orange, spinach, parsley)

1x The Alkaliser (celery, lemon, kiwi, cucumber, parsley and spinach)

1x Sachet of Shatki Superfood – a 100% natural complete green protein powder (read more about it here:

1x salad of the day 

You can chose to a 3 or 5 day Green+Food Cleanse, for 3 days the price is $225 plus delivery, and for 5 days the price is $310 plus delivery.

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Available from September 24th 2012.

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