Curious about Cleansing?

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“We both felt cleaner and lighter. We both felt a heightened appreciation for food and flavours. Our skins felt brighter and we were in good spirits. “
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“I would recommend trying it once every few months when you are on holidays and relaxed.”
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Slim Birdy

“So to sum up, this product is highly recommended for those who want to launch themselves into a healthier lifestyle. Would I do it again? Absolutely! And despite the name, weight loss is just a side benefit of the detox and nutrition charging process. I would even go so far as to say it has changed my life!"
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Dolce Bunnie

“I was feeling energetic and refreshed.  I loved the fact that fresh juices were delivered every day for my convenience.”
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Sydney Social

“There is an array of juice cleanses currently on the market but Schkinny offers a few points of difference that makes detoxing (dare we say) fun. An esky filled with six fresh juices is delivered to your nominated address daily, so you know that they are at the peak of freshness.”
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“…cleanses are a great way to recalibrate your eating desires - and doing this product review reminded me of this and made me realise that for many people who don't have the discipline to eat well, a juice cleanse could ju

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