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Online shopping is the best.  I buy clothes, shoes, makeup, skin products, wine, groceries, almost everything online.  Losing 2-3 hours down a rabbit hole at a shopping mall is not an ideal use of my time (unless I am in a very specific mood.)

Probably like most of you, when I shop online I look at the shipping costs.  It’s kinda crazy, because we all know it costs to get stuff delivered (I am IN an online business and know only too well how much it costs).   Australia Post and courier company’s weren’t set up to be charitable.  But still, there seems to be a new precedent set for Free Shipping and it is attractive.  I admit to being ery loyal to a particular clothing website because I know its always free shipping, so when they send me a newsletter and I see something I like, there is no hesitation.  So I wanted to help our customers feel that way. 

Right now we do fresh daily delivery and charge for it.  Because we come to your house bright and early each morning (which is still an impressive service and one our competitors don’t offer).  But I wanted to give you a FREE delivery option, so when you had that urge of feeling like you need to snap out of bad habits, lose a little weight quickly or really give your insides a good clean then there would be no hesitation, coz its free delivery.

 We are now offering the opportunity to receive your juices in one (or two) delivery and we won’t charge you for it.  So if you do a 3 day cleanse, then opt for FREE delivery and get all your 3 days worth delivered to your door with no additional delivery charge.  Order a 5 day cleanse and you will receive two deliveries, one of 3 days worth and another of 2 days worth with no additional delivery charge.  If order less than a 1 day cleanse, then there is still a charge.

This option is available on our website.  But if you also want to keep the gold ol’ fashioned morning doorstep delivery service then that hasn’t changed.  This option is still available on our website (for suburbs within our morning delivery range, you can view these online.)  Any questions, just email me at

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