Eat yourself prettier

There are lots of fruits and vegetables that have external uses on your body, like lemon juice as a toner, cucumber slices on puffy eyes, or an avocado face mask. But what about eating these foods? Can you impact the way you look by eating them too? I would say yes! I recently read an article about a grandmother in the USA whose modeling career is at an all time high. Obviously she had to be genetically blessed to begin with, but she quoted in her beauty regime to eating a whole avocado every single day. So it got me thinking about other foods that can help make you look better. Here are some of my favourites:

Cucumber. I don’t go a day without having a juice with at least 2 cucumbers in it. Cucumber is an excellent source of silica which helps to strengthen connective tissue, like hair, skin, nails, tendons, etc. If your diet is lacking in silica, it can result in slackening of the skin and your body not able to heal wounds as quickly. But if you are getting lots of it, then your skin, nails and hair will all get the benefits!

Avocado. This fruit is incredible useful for maintaining healthy young looking skin.  Avocados contain an antioxidant called carotenoids, which high amounts of can be helpful to improve skin density, thickness and tone, which could be why lots of avocado will help to protect your skin against environmental damage. Avo’s also have high levels of moisturizing monounsaturated fatty acids which help to maintain moisture in the epidermal layer of your skin. This helps your skin feel soft and hydrated.

 Pineapple. You probably would have noticed the rise of Vitamin C serums as a topical anti ageing soluition. Vitamin C is a great way to boost collagen production, which is the firmness we all have as teenagers, but start to lose as we age. You can also get the benefits from eating Vitamin C. I like it in pineapple juice, but you can get it from any Vitamin C rich foods like dark leafy greens, kiwifruit, berries, citrus and tomatoes.

Almonds. These little pocket rockets contain lots of Vitamin E which is essential for great skin. Vitamin E helps the ski to retain natural moisture and it is also a powerful protector against nasty free radicals. The sun can destroy your skins natural reserves of Vitamin E, so having extra reserves can help to protect your skin again sun damage


Why do you crave carbs in Winter?

Does the cold wet weather mean you start to notice the new gourmet pasta and rice billboards?  I am sure there is a method behind them advertising right about now when the weather starts to turn.  While there might be a primitive explanation that our bodies are stockpiling for usual cold winter with little food availability, it can also be explained by some basic body functions.

In winter the days are shorted, and a normal adult will spend less time in the sunlight with darkness on the commute into work and ditto on the commute home.  This means your body is getting less sunshine and sunshine triggers the production of serotonin in the body.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is in charge of boosting your mood.  When the light goes at night time, the serotonin converts to melatonin, which makes us sleepy, and then when the sun comes back up, it goes back to serotonin and we go about our days like happy little workers!

So weren’t we talking about carbs?  Yes!  Carbs come into this little story because consuming carbs boosts the availability of an amino acid Tryptophan, which is what your body converts in serotonin and vitamin B6.  The problem is that you are probably not eating Tryptophan rich foods like green leafy vegetables, seafood and green vegetables.

Eating carbs can provide the short term mood lift that your mind is looking for, but is only short term.  During these phases you are probably not thinking  a big serve of broccoli will cure your hankering for a ham and cheese toasted sandwich. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Get outside in your lunch break, lay, sit, sprawl in the sun as much as possible during winter.  It will help keep your vitamin D levels up, plus will keep you skinnier
  • Try to mix your carbs with lots of green vegetable and leafy greens, make soups and stews that have both potato and broccoli.  Put some fresh spinach on your sandwich.

Should you try to alkalise your body? And how can you?

One of the main objectives of a juice cleanse is to alkalise the body.  The alkaline greens are a fantastic way to reduce your body’s pH.  But why is that important?  Most of us would remember school chemistry and the litmus paper tests we had to do, measuring the colour against a code and deciding whether the substance was acidic or alkaline.  Well your body is the same.  It has a pH level.

The pH level is the Potential Hydrogen, and it is the driving force behind a lot of bodily functions, including metabolism, pain, and disease.  If your body is higher is acidity, it causes a condition called acidosis and it is associated with many conditions, for example, organs show signs of chronic cardiovascular, liver, kidney damage, adrenal insufficiency, bladder and kidney stones. Structurally, muscle soreness and fatigue can result from an overly acidic system. In addition, an acidic body terrain is linked with poor oxygen utilization, premature aging, asthma, allergies, immunodeficiency, slow recovery from colds and flu's, arthritis, osteoporosis, anemia, and chronic fatigue. Emotionally, people who are depressed have shown to have a constant acidic body terrain.

How do reduce your internal acidity?

Even though there are many sources of acidity and toxicity in our environments, the biggest contributor to unbalanced pH is our diet.  Eating too much animal protein causes sulfuric acid to build up in the blood as amino acids are broken down.  Calcium-rich dairy products cause some of the highest rates of osteoporosis. That’s because they create acidity in the body! When your blood stream becomes too acidic, it will steal calcium (a more alkaline substance) from the bones to try to balance out the pH level. So the best way to prevent osteoporosis is to eat lots of alkaline green leafy veggies!

Alkaline Foods
Fruits, mushrooms and vegetables (especially citrus, dates, raisins and spinach) promote an alkaline pH.  Strangely enough, acidic fruits such as orange, lemon and tomatoes don’t create acidity in the body. They do just the opposite and contribute to an alkaline environment.
Raw foods
Uncooked fruits and vegetables are said to be biogenic or “life-giving.” Cooking foods depletes alkalinizing minerals. Increase your intake of raw foods, and try juicing or lightly steaming fruits and vegetables.
Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has a pH of 9 to 11. Distilled water is just fine to drink. Water filtered with a Reverse Osmosis filter is slightly acidic, but it’s still a far better option than tap water or purified bottled water. Adding pH drops, lemon or lime, or baking soda to your water boosts alkalinity.
Green Drinks
Drinks made from green vegetables and grasses in powder form are loaded with alkaline-forming foods and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is structurally similar to our own blood and alkalizes the blood.

New Juice Packs - Now available

 You've cleansed with us, you are felling al' bran' new and loving your new lust for life, but you miss the clean feeling you got from drinking lovely fresh raw juice each day.  Or you developed quite an addiction to our green smoothies and can't image a day without one...

Either way, we now have Juice Packs available to buy online.  The Juice Packs contain 4 x 600ml juices, and are available in the follow ing packs:

Greens Juice Pack -  This pack has only green smoothies.  Cleansing, invigorating, energising so you can get your green on at home.  The pack has 4 of our delicious green smoothies - 2x Leap Frogs and 2x Alkalisers - Check it out here!

Mostly Veg Pack - This pack is mostly vegetable, but does have some apple and kiwi fruit.  This pack is suitable for someone who wants a few different juices, but would also like to minimise their fruit sugar intake.  This pack has a Leap Frog, a Vego Mego, a Green Salad, and an Alkaliser - Check it out here!

Fruit & Veg Pack - This pack has a nice balanced mix of fruits and vegetables, so the juices are delicious and cleansing.  This pack contains a Leap Frog, a Pine Grapple, a Pink Sherbert and a Beet Froot Tingle.  Check it out here!

Green+Food Spring Cleanse

Introducing a special Spring Cleanse this year!

Green Juice+Food+Green Food = Green+Food Cleanse

Combining our fave green juices, green protein and our super delicious salads, this green juice plus food cleanse is deliciously colourful Spring time cleanse that inspires images of lounging in soft green grass, butterflies and bunny rabbits hopping through fluffy ferns. 

You will receive the following each day:

2 xLeap Frog (apple, cucumber, spinach, parsley and kiwi)

1x Water Frog (kiwi, watermelon, orange, spinach, parsley)

1x The Alkaliser (celery, lemon, kiwi, cucumber, parsley and spinach)

1x Sachet of Shatki Superfood – a 100% natural complete green protein powder (read more about it here:

1x salad of the day 

You can chose to a 3 or 5 day Green+Food Cleanse, for 3 days the price is $225 plus delivery, and for 5 days the price is $310 plus delivery.

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Available from September 24th 2012.