Curious about Cleansing?

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“We both felt cleaner and lighter. We both felt a heightened appreciation for food and flavours. Our skins felt brighter and we were in good spirits. “
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“I would recommend trying it once every few months when you are on holidays and relaxed.”
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Slim Birdy

“So to sum up, this product is highly recommended for those who want to launch themselves into a healthier lifestyle. Would I do it again? Absolutely! And despite the name, weight loss is just a side benefit of the detox and nutrition charging process. I would even go so far as to say it has changed my life!"
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Dolce Bunnie

“I was feeling energetic and refreshed.  I loved the fact that fresh juices were delivered every day for my convenience.”
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Sydney Social

“There is an array of juice cleanses currently on the market but Schkinny offers a few points of difference that makes detoxing (dare we say) fun. An esky filled with six fresh juices is delivered to your nominated address daily, so you know that they are at the peak of freshness.”
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“…cleanses are a great way to recalibrate your eating desires - and doing this product review reminded me of this and made me realise that for many people who don't have the discipline to eat well, a juice cleanse could ju

New Juice Packs - Now available

 You've cleansed with us, you are felling al' bran' new and loving your new lust for life, but you miss the clean feeling you got from drinking lovely fresh raw juice each day.  Or you developed quite an addiction to our green smoothies and can't image a day without one...

Either way, we now have Juice Packs available to buy online.  The Juice Packs contain 4 x 600ml juices, and are available in the follow ing packs:

Greens Juice Pack -  This pack has only green smoothies.  Cleansing, invigorating, energising so you can get your green on at home.  The pack has 4 of our delicious green smoothies - 2x Leap Frogs and 2x Alkalisers - Check it out here!

Mostly Veg Pack - This pack is mostly vegetable, but does have some apple and kiwi fruit.  This pack is suitable for someone who wants a few different juices, but would also like to minimise their fruit sugar intake.  This pack has a Leap Frog, a Vego Mego, a Green Salad, and an Alkaliser - Check it out here!

Fruit & Veg Pack - This pack has a nice balanced mix of fruits and vegetables, so the juices are delicious and cleansing.  This pack contains a Leap Frog, a Pine Grapple, a Pink Sherbert and a Beet Froot Tingle.  Check it out here!

Green+Food Spring Cleanse

Introducing a special Spring Cleanse this year!

Green Juice+Food+Green Food = Green+Food Cleanse

Combining our fave green juices, green protein and our super delicious salads, this green juice plus food cleanse is deliciously colourful Spring time cleanse that inspires images of lounging in soft green grass, butterflies and bunny rabbits hopping through fluffy ferns. 

You will receive the following each day:

2 xLeap Frog (apple, cucumber, spinach, parsley and kiwi)

1x Water Frog (kiwi, watermelon, orange, spinach, parsley)

1x The Alkaliser (celery, lemon, kiwi, cucumber, parsley and spinach)

1x Sachet of Shatki Superfood – a 100% natural complete green protein powder (read more about it here:

1x salad of the day 

You can chose to a 3 or 5 day Green+Food Cleanse, for 3 days the price is $225 plus delivery, and for 5 days the price is $310 plus delivery.

 Order now!

Available from September 24th 2012.

Just the Juice - and only the Juice (well, plus some nuts)

Its Summer right now, and whilst sunny Queensland is really turning the weather on, Melbourne seems to be getting it mostly right, and Sydney seems to  need some lessons about when the sunshine should be out and about, we have been getting some requests for cleanses with just juices, and no soups.  So whilst we are happy to accomodate most requests (obviously a roast lamb and sweet potato juice is totally out of the question), we thought it might be timely to offer a cleanse program that doesn't do the soups at all.

 So, we did.  Simple really....  You told us, we listened.  It is called "Just the Juice".  So it still combines your fave juices (Leap Frog anyone?) with others too.  It also still combines a nut smoothie each day, so you are still getting a balance of vegetable proteins and unsaturated fats.  It is a great program for these hot months when you don't feel like heating or eating anything warm, and just feel like a refreshing light juice.

It is online right now to order.  We plan to keep it there all year long, so it won't fade with Winter.  If you just want the juice, and only the juice, you can have it.

What to do in the afterlife.... Well, after a cleanse anyway!

We often get asked by those wanted to kick start a healthier lifestyle how to maintain the clean feeling from a cleanse.  So we have decided to dedicate a few newsletters to some very basic principles on how WE live our lives that keep us clean, healthy and "schkinny"!!

It may sound very challenging to change your lifestyle, but the reality is - it is quite simple.  There are about 12 principles that we try to live by, and they are super easy to keep in mind.  Here are the first three:

Number ONE:

1. Get up early!  Listen, I hate it.  I am self confessed non-morning person.  BUT I will attest to the fact that getting up early sets your metabolism off sooner in the day.  I keep some healthy low sugar muesli bars at home and RELIGOUSLY have one at about 4:45am after getting up at 4am.  I don’t have time to sit and eat breakfast until about 8-9am – and I can promise you, if I waited until that time without eating , there would be a lot less "schkinny" at the Schkinny Maninny offices.

Number TWO:

2. Never miss meals or eating.  This does go hand in hand with the first one. I make it a golden rule to never miss an eating time – so whilst I may get super busy and physically don’t have time to make a salad and sit down and eat it, that doesn’t mean I can’t grab a muesli bar and a some fruit, or some carrots and chew them in the car.  Letting yourself get super hungry is bad news, skipping a meal and thinking "oh well, I will make up for it at dinner" is ultra bad news, and telling yourself you aren't hungry is super bad news.  Remind yourself if you aren't metabolising something then your body will store up for the winter....  Eeeeek!

Number THREE

3. Drink a green smoothie every day – green raw vegetables in a smoothie ensures you are getting this energy hit every day!  You can use a banana to emulsify the green leafies (you can use spinach, parsley, lettuce, rocket, kale, silverbeet, etc).  They really are a super energy hit.  Juice up anything green you have and include the dark ones - these little puppies will get you buzzing through the day.

Stay tuned nex newsletter for the next 3 principles in our post cleanse lifestyle: 4: Your surefire breakfast cereal for healthy weight; 5: Learning to find stimulation from things other than food; and 6: Have this salad at least once a day...