Mindful eating this Christmas

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word lately, so what does it actually mean?  It means the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.  It may also mean just focusing on one’s awareness of the present moment.  Mindfulness can be used in meditation or therapy, but I think it can be used every day. 

Mindful eating is when you can focus on the actually act of eating.  It can be so many things like, chewing slowly to enjoy the texture of food on your tongue, enjoying a meal with friends and focusing on the conversation, sitting down to a nightly meal with family so you can learn more about each other’s day.  It also can be things like, being conscious of WHY you are eating, taking time to breath and ask yourself if you are eating because you are bored/tired/emotional or because you are actually hungry.  When do you stop eating, could it be possible you were happily sated 5 mouthfuls ago and yet you kept shovelling food in for some other reason.  Mindful eating can be applied to a lot of situations.  It is particularly relevant this Christmas time when overeating and over drinking are not only common but expected.   I don’t mean to take the fun out of Christmas day, I think a big part of enjoying it is to not be stingy, be generous, be giving, enjoy yourself, and if the Christmas pudding or pavlova was too delicious to say no to a second helping, then go for it.  Just be thoughtful, conscious and aware of why you are doing it.

For me part of this consciousness means waking the next day and asking myself, if I am really hungry for breakfast.  Chances are I feel like a great big vegetable juice with lots of water and can just allow my body to continue to digest, process and fuel itself from the food I have eaten, rather than starting the whole thing again.

How to be mindful this Christmas:

  • Take a moment to really feel if you are hungry or something else
  • Drink water with your meal to help slow down the scoffing
  • Chew every bite with consideration and intention
  • Indulge in seconds if you really want to, just understand why you are doing it
  • Be conscious of the wonderful opportunity to spend precious time with loved ones


A fast way to live longer

Did you see Catalyst last week?  Thank you to Jo for alerting me to it being on TV, admittedly I was in bed at 7pm on the night that the show was televised but she told me the next morning.

The basis of the show was investigating how some people can live longer than others and whilst a lot of their research focused on the DNA, they also discussed some research surrounding other ways to extend life.  I am not one to propose we live the rest of our lives taking pills to live longer, but the show did discuss another method, one we all have easy access to, that could increase our longevity and most importantly, our health into those extra years. 

The show looked at the presenter who attempted a diet that was designed to mimic a fast, so it was essential low in protein and sugar but also had good healthy vegetable fats, like from nuts.  The aim of mimicking the fast was to get the body into maintenance mode by reducing the growth signals it gets from certain food types.  The professor explains,

“Enough protein is very important, but people are now eating 50%, 100%, 200%, 300% more than normal and this is pushing the system to try to grow but there's no growth. And so the consequence could be that you put an accelerator on all these systems and you just really push them to the limit and then they fail.”

 The results have been quite remarkable with improvements in inflammation, dermatitis, a major reduction in tumours, improvement in cognitive function, and a reduction in visceral fat (this is the bad fat around your middle section) without a loss in muscle mass.

The professor explains what they think is happening, “One is the killing of a lot of bad cells, but also a lot of not-so-bad cells but they may have been old. So you fast and every day of the fasting, the organs are getting a little bit smaller and they're getting rid of cells because they have to save energy. Then eventually when you re-feed, these organs and cell systems, they have to return to normal and that's really a remarkable way to replace and rejuvenate almost every component of the body.”

 So it is this process of fasting 3-4 times per year for 5 days that could have an incredible impact on the liver, the blood system and many other systems in the body, in a way, making our body act the way it did when we were young. 

Now I am sure you are probably busting to know what the diet was?  From the Catalyst website, they explain it is very low in proteins (like no animal proteins – so no dairy, meat, etc) but with almost 50% made from carbohydrates from vegetables and the rest made of healthy fats from nuts.  The amount of calories was approx. 700-800 per day with unlimited herbal tea and lots of water. 

A similar dietary composition can be achieved with a Low Fruit Cleanse, we have vegetable soups, juices and nut milks that can create a similar fasting diet that may help you live longer and stronger.  Contact us for any questions!

The newest tan in a can

I am always espousing the benefits of lots of fruit and vegetable in your diet and have always been convinced of not only the internal benefit but also the external beauty benefits.  Now it seems some science is backing my claims!

Whilst the study only focuses on Caucasian faces, it indicates that faces appear more attractive when shaded with a golden type colour gained from eating lots of vegetables rich in carotenoids.  The research, published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behaviour, shows that the glow we can get from eating lots of vegetables rich in carotenoids is more appealing to the eye than the glow we get from laying in the sun. 

Carotenoids are antioxidants that help soak up damaging compounds produced by the stresses and strains of everyday living, especially when the body is combating disease. Responsible for the red colouring in fruit and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes, carotenoids are important for our immune and reproductive systems.

Looking to get your golden winter glow on without visiting the tanning salon or risking sun cancer? The foods richest in carotenoids are: carrots, plums, apricots, tomatoes, mangoes, sweet potato, kale, broccoli, and spinach.

Curious about Cleansing?

You can read some independent blog reviews here:


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October 28, 2015

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Catering your work/friends Melbourne cup lunch

It is coming up to the one day per year where your boss finds it totally acceptable to only get half a day out of you and for there to be alcohol consumed well before 5pm. For those of us unlucky enough to not live in Melbourne on this day early in November, we are used to having a little get together in the lunchroom at work with nibblies and drinks, crammed around a little TV watching the big race. So if you are invited either to a bring your own plate gathering (work or friends), and you want something quick and easy it doesn’t have to be frozen party pies or cheerio sausages, here are some easy quick suggestions that will leave you feeling a little less heavy:

Cucumber and hummus canapés

These are so easy and refreshing

Simply slice a few cucumbers into thick slices, approx. 2 fingers wide.

Then dollop a spoonful of hummus on each disk of cucumber, try not to do too much as it will fall over the sides. Slice some cherry tomatoes in half and gently place on top. Season with salt and pepper and a parsley leaf.


Mexican Bean Dip

This is a little different to the old refried beans version, but just as tasty.

Use 1 tin black beans, drain and rinse

Make a salsa from fresh chopped tomato, chopped fresh coriander, chopped red onion, a squeeze of lime juice and sprinkle of salt.

Mush up 2 avocados into a guacamole, season with salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lime.

Use 1 tin of pineapple, drained (or better yet chopped fresh pineapple), and mix with chopped jalapenos and 2 desert spoonfuls of soy mayonnaise (you can use normal mayonnaise if you prefer).

Then just layer these items down in a dish. Start with the black beans on the bottom, then the tomato/coriander salsa, then the guacamole, top it off with the pineapple/jalapenos mix. Serve with some low salt corn chips.

Why wait til Monday to start

Today is a good day, a great day in fact. The days are getting longer, the mornings are lighter, the birds are chirpier and this weekend is forecast to be above 20 degrees for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! Good times!

So why wait to get started on being healthy? There are plenty of reasons to start tomorrow:

Just over 3 months til Christmas holidays, and if you plan on going somewhere where a swimsuit is mandatory, then that is not a lot of time to get into shape

Spring time is the best time to get inspired about changing something for the better in your life. It might be your health, your wealth, your education, or your relationships. Starting something new and exciting is as energizing as a holiday.

The fruit gets sweeter and more abundant which makes eating fresh and clean so much easier and much more delicious

Warmer nights means eating salads is suddenly not crazy talk. I know in the depths of winter, sometimes the idea of only eating a cold salad or juice seems like the most ludicrous thing you have ever heard. But what a difference a month makes!!

September 04, 2015

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Not only kids and dogs die in hot cars

 Do you leave a bottle of water in the car as a just in case? Perhaps in summer you might leave one there all day as a way to rehydrate in case you run out or can’t fill up. But leaving your water bottle in a hot car is possibly not a safe thing to do.

 It has to do with something that is called BPA (or bisphenol A). Please be aware that this is NOT found in all plastic bottles, and we specifically source BPA free plastics, but it may be found in your recyclable water bottle that you picked up at the corner store or supermarket. When you buy the water, in the bottle, it is cold or room temperature, which is fine, but it is it’s reactivity with heat that has got some concerned.   The temperature in a car can reach up to 70 degrees in the middle summer, which is exactly why we are warned not to leave animals in there, but this 70 degree heat can also be the kind of temperature needed to release BPA into the water.

We don’t want to drink the BPA because it has been suggested that it could alter hormone levels by mimicking oestrogen, it could cause heart problems, and even increase the risk of cancer. Whilst there is limited research as yet to support exactly how much BPA does leak in the water, and how high th temperatures need to be and how consistently high, I still believe it is worthwhile to avoid the water bottle sitting on the car seat. The other thing to consider is things like baby bottles, sports drink bottles, etc look out for BPA free bottles, as the consistent heating of bottles in the microwave/hot water may be another potential issue.