The miracle wonder drug that can help prevent cancer and heart disease!

Imagine if the news tonight ran a story about a new cheap wonder drug that could PREVENT you from getting cancer and heart disease.  What do you think would happen?  Would you run out and grab it, for you and everyone you know?  I am sure most people would.  Now what if I tell you that this affordable wonder drug ALREADY exists.  And it is available to everyone, everyday for most people, right around the corner. 

The wonder drug is called: FRUIT AND VEGETABLES.  A number of studies have shown a significant link between fruit and vegetable consumption and reduced cancer and cardiovascular mortality.  Vegetables may have a stronger association with mortality than fruit. Consumption of vegetables or salad were most protective, while frozen/canned fruit consumption was apparently associated with increased mortality.  This study adjusted for a number of other factors such as age, sex, social class, education, BMI, alcohol consumption and physical activity.  So eating at least seven portions of fresh fruits and vegetables per day may lower your risk of dying from cancer by up to 15%

 Another study found that total fruit and vegetable intake was inversely associated with risk of cardiovascular disease, this means that eating more fruits and veg may LOWER your risk of developing heart disease.  Heart disease is the biggest killer of people around the world and yet doesn’t get the publicity that cancer does.  Of the food groups analyzed, green leafy vegetable intake showed the strongest inverse association with major chronic disease and cardiovascular disease.  It looks like just increasing your servings by only one more day you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Easy ways to increase your vegetable intake:

  • Throw a few handfuls of baby spinach through your dinner – baby spinach wilts easily so you really don’t need any extra cooking. Just toss into a hot dish, stir through and viola!
  • For a pasta dish, half the pasta amount and replace with steamed cauliflower – the white cauliflower can easily “fool” your mind into thinking you are having a nice big comforting bowl of pasta
  • When making a meat dish, half the meat portion and add in extra mushrooms – mushrooms have a lovely meaty flavor when cooked with sauces.
  • Make more soups! There is no easier way to eat more vegetables than to throw a whole heap in a pot and cook them up.

New Juice Packs - Now available

 You've cleansed with us, you are felling al' bran' new and loving your new lust for life, but you miss the clean feeling you got from drinking lovely fresh raw juice each day.  Or you developed quite an addiction to our green smoothies and can't image a day without one...

Either way, we now have Juice Packs available to buy online.  The Juice Packs contain 4 x 600ml juices, and are available in the follow ing packs:

Greens Juice Pack -  This pack has only green smoothies.  Cleansing, invigorating, energising so you can get your green on at home.  The pack has 4 of our delicious green smoothies - 2x Leap Frogs and 2x Alkalisers - Check it out here!

Mostly Veg Pack - This pack is mostly vegetable, but does have some apple and kiwi fruit.  This pack is suitable for someone who wants a few different juices, but would also like to minimise their fruit sugar intake.  This pack has a Leap Frog, a Vego Mego, a Green Salad, and an Alkaliser - Check it out here!

Fruit & Veg Pack - This pack has a nice balanced mix of fruits and vegetables, so the juices are delicious and cleansing.  This pack contains a Leap Frog, a Pine Grapple, a Pink Sherbert and a Beet Froot Tingle.  Check it out here!

Green+Food Spring Cleanse

Introducing a special Spring Cleanse this year!

Green Juice+Food+Green Food = Green+Food Cleanse

Combining our fave green juices, green protein and our super delicious salads, this green juice plus food cleanse is deliciously colourful Spring time cleanse that inspires images of lounging in soft green grass, butterflies and bunny rabbits hopping through fluffy ferns. 

You will receive the following each day:

2 xLeap Frog (apple, cucumber, spinach, parsley and kiwi)

1x Water Frog (kiwi, watermelon, orange, spinach, parsley)

1x The Alkaliser (celery, lemon, kiwi, cucumber, parsley and spinach)

1x Sachet of Shatki Superfood – a 100% natural complete green protein powder (read more about it here:

1x salad of the day 

You can chose to a 3 or 5 day Green+Food Cleanse, for 3 days the price is $225 plus delivery, and for 5 days the price is $310 plus delivery.

 Order now!

Available from September 24th 2012.

Just the Juice - and only the Juice (well, plus some nuts)

Its Summer right now, and whilst sunny Queensland is really turning the weather on, Melbourne seems to be getting it mostly right, and Sydney seems to  need some lessons about when the sunshine should be out and about, we have been getting some requests for cleanses with just juices, and no soups.  So whilst we are happy to accomodate most requests (obviously a roast lamb and sweet potato juice is totally out of the question), we thought it might be timely to offer a cleanse program that doesn't do the soups at all.

 So, we did.  Simple really....  You told us, we listened.  It is called "Just the Juice".  So it still combines your fave juices (Leap Frog anyone?) with others too.  It also still combines a nut smoothie each day, so you are still getting a balance of vegetable proteins and unsaturated fats.  It is a great program for these hot months when you don't feel like heating or eating anything warm, and just feel like a refreshing light juice.

It is online right now to order.  We plan to keep it there all year long, so it won't fade with Winter.  If you just want the juice, and only the juice, you can have it.