Being healthy again after holidays

With only 3 day week smack bang in between 3 public holidays, a lot of us took the chance for any easy week of chilling out and making a real holiday of it.  And I bet it was enjoyed!!

BUT, it also feels like it does at the end of Christmas holidays, that same “ I ate far too much, and drank far too much”  adage comes around again.

So what can you do about it?  One of the quickest ways to get back to your normal self is to stop drinking during the week.  Alcohol every day (hopefully just the night time) is a sure fire way to allow sneaky kilos to creep up on you.  You might think you eat quite healthy, lots of lean meats, lots of vegetables, etc.  But that one glass of wine adds 82 calories to your day, which is not a huge amount, but 1-2 each day, 7 days a week is an extra 1148 per week (which is almost one persons calorie intake for the day!)  Now I am normally not one to say that eating is all about calories, because I believe it is about nourishment.  Having said that, wine isn’t particularly nourishing, the nutritional panel for white wine is below:


Nutrition Facts

White Wine

Amount per 100g

Calories 82

Total Fat                             0 g

Saturated fat                       0 g

Polyunsaturated fat             0 g

Monounsaturated fat           0 g

Cholesterol                     0 mg

Sodium                            5 mg

Potassium                     71 mg

Total Carbohydrate        2.6 g

Dietary fiber                         0 g

Sugar                                  1 g

Protein                             0.1 g

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C 0%

Vitamin D 0%

Vitamin B-12 0%

Vitamin B-6 0%

Calcuim 0%

Iron 1%


Another quick easy way to redeem yourself after holidays is replace 1 meal a day with a purely vegetable meal.  So no meat, no carbs, just veggies.  The easiest way to do this is just make a really big batch of vegetable soup!  Have it for dinner each night for a week, or take it to work for lunch each day.  Here is an easy peasy recipe to try:

Throw into the oven: 3 carrots, 2 zucchinis and about 15 mushrooms, don’t use oil, just put them in a pan and roast for about 20mins on about 180 degrees.  Then in your saucepan, thrown in 2-3 cloves of garlic, one chopped onion, half a chopped celery and half a chopped up broccoli.  Saute this for about 5 mins, add in 2 litres of water with 2 vegan stock cubes (I like the Massel brand).  Take your other vegetables from the oven, chop them up, and then throw them in too.  Let it simmer for about another 10 mins. SOOOO easy!

New Juice Packs - Now available

 You've cleansed with us, you are felling al' bran' new and loving your new lust for life, but you miss the clean feeling you got from drinking lovely fresh raw juice each day.  Or you developed quite an addiction to our green smoothies and can't image a day without one...

Either way, we now have Juice Packs available to buy online.  The Juice Packs contain 4 x 600ml juices, and are available in the follow ing packs:

Greens Juice Pack -  This pack has only green smoothies.  Cleansing, invigorating, energising so you can get your green on at home.  The pack has 4 of our delicious green smoothies - 2x Leap Frogs and 2x Alkalisers - Check it out here!

Mostly Veg Pack - This pack is mostly vegetable, but does have some apple and kiwi fruit.  This pack is suitable for someone who wants a few different juices, but would also like to minimise their fruit sugar intake.  This pack has a Leap Frog, a Vego Mego, a Green Salad, and an Alkaliser - Check it out here!

Fruit & Veg Pack - This pack has a nice balanced mix of fruits and vegetables, so the juices are delicious and cleansing.  This pack contains a Leap Frog, a Pine Grapple, a Pink Sherbert and a Beet Froot Tingle.  Check it out here!

What to do in the afterlife.... Well, after a cleanse anyway!

We often get asked by those wanted to kick start a healthier lifestyle how to maintain the clean feeling from a cleanse.  So we have decided to dedicate a few newsletters to some very basic principles on how WE live our lives that keep us clean, healthy and "schkinny"!!

It may sound very challenging to change your lifestyle, but the reality is - it is quite simple.  There are about 12 principles that we try to live by, and they are super easy to keep in mind.  Here are the first three:

Number ONE:

1. Get up early!  Listen, I hate it.  I am self confessed non-morning person.  BUT I will attest to the fact that getting up early sets your metabolism off sooner in the day.  I keep some healthy low sugar muesli bars at home and RELIGOUSLY have one at about 4:45am after getting up at 4am.  I don’t have time to sit and eat breakfast until about 8-9am – and I can promise you, if I waited until that time without eating , there would be a lot less "schkinny" at the Schkinny Maninny offices.

Number TWO:

2. Never miss meals or eating.  This does go hand in hand with the first one. I make it a golden rule to never miss an eating time – so whilst I may get super busy and physically don’t have time to make a salad and sit down and eat it, that doesn’t mean I can’t grab a muesli bar and a some fruit, or some carrots and chew them in the car.  Letting yourself get super hungry is bad news, skipping a meal and thinking "oh well, I will make up for it at dinner" is ultra bad news, and telling yourself you aren't hungry is super bad news.  Remind yourself if you aren't metabolising something then your body will store up for the winter....  Eeeeek!

Number THREE

3. Drink a green smoothie every day – green raw vegetables in a smoothie ensures you are getting this energy hit every day!  You can use a banana to emulsify the green leafies (you can use spinach, parsley, lettuce, rocket, kale, silverbeet, etc).  They really are a super energy hit.  Juice up anything green you have and include the dark ones - these little puppies will get you buzzing through the day.

Stay tuned nex newsletter for the next 3 principles in our post cleanse lifestyle: 4: Your surefire breakfast cereal for healthy weight; 5: Learning to find stimulation from things other than food; and 6: Have this salad at least once a day...