Souper Dooper - New JUST SOUP Cleanse

Tis the souping season and the season to drink warm things.  So we are launching a super dooper special Soup Cleanse.  Featuring all your favourite soups, plus some delicious new ones.  The program has 4 soups each day plus a hot shot elixir and organic vegetable broth each day.  We are featuring the delicious gut healing broth from the fabulous cooks over at Broth of life.  The broth is made from nothing except pure organic vegetables, Himalayan rock salt, and organic extra virgin olive oil.  Our hot shot elixir is a spicy mix of ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper with lemon juice.  The hot shot elixir is a natural immune boosting and natural anti bacterial shot that needs to be mixed with hot water.

Our new soups include a scrumptious Pumpkin Coconut soup, and an Asian style Kale Broccoli soup and an Indian spiced Kale Coconut curry Soup.

Our delicious soup cleanse has a sample menu such as:

Breakfast: Pumpkin coconut soup – pumpkin, coconut milk, leek, ginger, garlic, chives, coriander

Post breakfast: hot shot elixir – ginger, lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper

Late morning snack/early lunch: carrot cashew soup – carrot, cashew, ginger, coriander seeds, pear

Early Afternoon snack/late lunch: Lentil Luncheon – tomato, carrot, lentils

Pre dinner drink: Organic vegetable broth

Dinner: Rockin’ tomato soup – rocket, tomato, chickpeas, celery

You can order our Just Soup Cleanse online now!

Why wait til Monday to start

Today is a good day, a great day in fact. The days are getting longer, the mornings are lighter, the birds are chirpier and this weekend is forecast to be above 20 degrees for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! Good times!

So why wait to get started on being healthy? There are plenty of reasons to start tomorrow:

Just over 3 months til Christmas holidays, and if you plan on going somewhere where a swimsuit is mandatory, then that is not a lot of time to get into shape

Spring time is the best time to get inspired about changing something for the better in your life. It might be your health, your wealth, your education, or your relationships. Starting something new and exciting is as energizing as a holiday.

The fruit gets sweeter and more abundant which makes eating fresh and clean so much easier and much more delicious

Warmer nights means eating salads is suddenly not crazy talk. I know in the depths of winter, sometimes the idea of only eating a cold salad or juice seems like the most ludicrous thing you have ever heard. But what a difference a month makes!!

Winter SUN

I have been loving these sunny days. Even though I spend most of the sunniest part of the day inside during the week, when Saturday hits I can’t wait to just sit in the sunshine for about 20 mins to absorb some rays. Yes there can be too much of a good thing, we are all well versed in the dangers of skin cancer. But a little bit of sunshine is also very valuable for your health. Here is why you should be trying to expose yourself a little bit each day. I still wear a hat whenever I sit on the balcony, but try to expose at least my arms and legs to get maximum absorption.

  • Vitamin D production – our bodies naturally produce this vitamin when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight (not sunscreen). Viatmin D is critical for bone health as it boosts calcium absorption, this reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone diseases
  • Sunshine boosts your serotonin, this is your happy hormone! Regular exposure to sunshine can boost your mood, stave off depression. Exercising outside can possibly produce more endorphins that exercising inside too.
  • May help to prevent diabetes – vitamin D deficiency is though to contribute to an onset of Type 2 diabetes
  • Relieves aches and pains – warming the muscles and reducing stiffness which means reducing inflammation
  • Helps to kill colds – maybe this is psychosomatic for me, but if I have a cold or flu, I always feel better after sitting in the sun for a little while. Maybe it is because the sun just raises the body temperature to help fight infection or maybe it is the actual sunlight helping to kill the bacteria. Either way, I swear by it!
  •  It may even boost your metabolism – although I can’t find a good explanation for this, there seem to be a few studies that correlate increase in metabolism with sun exposure. It could be as simple as the more sunlight, the more likely your body is to think it is summer time and no need to put excess calories into fat storage for the winter.

    August 04, 2015

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    Is healthy the new pretty?

    When I was a little girl I really wanted to be pretty. I wasn’t particularly pretty looking, but I really wanted to be. Then I grew up a bit more, into high school and saw all pretty girls and hated them, but still wanted to be them. They knew they were pretty, but they had the common sense to not walk around telling everyone they were. They weren’t quite that conceited. Nor were the smart kids, like the really smart ones. They might have actively participated in class, but they didn’t walk the courtyard telling everyone they come across, “Hey there, I am really smart.” If you had encountered them, you would have rolled your eyes, scoffed a little and reveled in the fact that even though you weren’t that smart, you weren’t that up yourself.

    Could “healthy” have become the new quality that people want to be known for but would feel conceited to admit to? If someone would to say to you, “ I am very healthy”, would you meet that with an eye roll, a scoff and muttering under the breath? So I wonder why…. It could be that some of us aren’t happy with how we treat our bodies and want to do better by ourselves, but can’t quite make the changes necessary. Pretty and smart are things we can’t really change about ourselves. We can wear more makeup, style our hair, educate ourselves, but those things aren’t going to change the way we were made. However, you can definitely change how healthy you are. Small changes to make yourself feel better will help you job that elite little club. All you have to do is start!

    My go to winter vegetable

    I have always enjoyed them, but for some reason it is only this year I decided to get creative with it. It’s the Golden Sweet Potato! It really is such a versatile winter vegetable, plus it is much healthier than its paler counterpart. Not only is it an incredible and unequalled source of beta carotene, but it could also help raise our blood levels of Vitamin A which plays a vital role in bone growth and immune system health. Beta carotene is an important antioxidant that helps to protect immune systems as well as helping to lower the risk of some cancers. Making sure you get the most beta carotene from sweet potato could be related to eating a small amount of fat in conjunction with the sweet potato, and it is as small as 3-5g of healthy fat like olive oil or coconut oil.

    So far this winter I have made sweet potato soups, as well as just having it as side dish and mixed into my salads.   Here is a really easy soup recipe I used (I replaced the dairy with soy milk and didn’t think it needed the yoghurt dressing, so I went without)

    BUT, I have also had a few light bulb moments with my sweet potatoes, here are a couple of my inventions:

    Roasted sweet potato and baked eggs – this is perfect for the kids and so simple. Just cut the sweet potato in half long ways and sit them in the oven to roast for about 30-40mins, until they are soft. Turn the griller on, scoop out some of the middle of the half potato and crack an egg into it, sprinkle with salt and pepper and pop it under the griller on high. Once the egg starts to cook (should only take a few mins), pull it out, sprinkle some cheese over the top and pop it back under until the cheese melts. I make it with a green salad.

     Sweet potato pancakes – my absolute favourite winter weekend breakfast treat this year! Boil, steam or dry roast your sweet potato so it is ready to be mashed. Mash the potato (just 1 large one is plenty). I make up a cashew and oat flour just by putting two cups of raw cashews and 1 cup wholegrain oats into the blender and blending until you have a nut meal (leave the oats out if you want to avoid the grain). Mix the mash potato, nut meal, 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon together. Add in a little soy milk if it feels a little dry. Then heat your saucepan with a little coconut oil and spoon your batter in and cook evenly on both sides. Serve with the (real) maple syrup, not the flavoured stuff.


    What to eat at what time of year

    Have you ever noticed that things taste different in Winter as opposed to Summer?  Growing up on a fruit farm, I used to both love and loathe the fruit season (my parents farm grew peaches and nectarines).  I loved it because of the fresh availaibility of delicious sweet fruit (and I loathed it because it meant working every weekend and after school).  This was summer and that is when stone fruit is readily available, as well as other things like pineapple and mangoes.  So what does the season mean for your fruit and veggies? 

    Basically eating your fruit and veg in season will mean it will taste better.  The flavours will be fresher, sweeter, fuller and taste how they are supposed to taste.  Plus it is cheaper!  You know it is in season when those prices start to come down and they can't move the stuff quick enough.  Basic economics, if it is in season, there is lots of of supply so there prices will be better.  Fruit and vegetables in season will have had more of a chance to ripen properly Vs sitting in cold storage for months on end, so there should be more availability of micronutrients for your body.

    What should you try to eat this season?

    In Autumn, apples, pears kiwi fruit and lemon are all seasonal.  You will see all sorts of brightly coloured apples in the grocer right now.  Try them salads or just munch on them as a snack (and tooth cleaner).

    Winter is great for bananas, oranges and mandarins.  All citrus comes alive in Winter, plus it is rich in Vitamin C which is exactly what you need in the cooler months.

    Brocoli, beans and cabbage are seasonal vegetables in Autumn, together with cauliflower and mushrooms.  They are perfect stir fry and soup vegetables.  Pumpkin is also in season, which is so versatile in any kind of dish.  I roasted some last night with a little salt, pepper and coconut oil and tossed it through a salad!  Delish!