Why it's not such a bad thing to feel hungry

Hungry mostly isn’t comfortable.  We live in a world with instant gratification on so many levels and satisfying hunger is definitely one of them.  At the first inkling if hunger, we normally start to look for means to fix the problem, like quick chocolate bar at the convenience store, grab a muffin at the café, or duck into Macca’s super quick.  Hunger solved, you can get right back into your day.  Now with a 1 year old, I understand how we have developed that need to satisfy the pangs of hunger quickly (lest you suffer through agonising screams of anguish).  But does that really translate into adults.  Is feeling hunger such a bad thing?

It may feel a bit uncomfortable, but it isn’t such a terrible thing for your body, metabolism or weight management.  Our lives have evolved into a steady, reliable and consistent 3 meals/ day.  With fairly standard size bowls and plates that we have learnt to understand as the “right” portion size (who decided they were going to be that size anyway?).  And when we skip one of those regular consistent meals we feel “hungry” as our body has developed that habit of always eating around those times and approximately that portion size.  Without knowing it, the body is very good at maintaining status quo, like most of our conscious minds it prefers not to have big dramatic changes.  So when you skip a meal, your first response is “I’m hungry”.  But the interesting part is when you decide to ignore that hunger, drink lots of water and just move past it.  After a time, the pangs of hunger start go away. Your clever body switches to alternate sources of energy, which can be your fat stores.  I am currently doing our Schkinny Days program (which will be launched in the New Year), and yesterday I got up at 3:30am and didn’t have a thing (except water) until 12pm.  Sure I was hungry about 7am, but I just drank lots of water and decided to ignore it.  At about 8:30am, I no longer felt hungry, I went for a quick jog, drank lots of water after the jog and then had a salad around midday.   I felt fine, not once did I think I was going to pass out or lose concentration.  Psychologically I knew I had some fat stores that would keep me from fading away so I just kept reminding myself that being hungry meant my smart little body was going to help keep me in shape!

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