Winter Detox Series - Fun in the Sun

Welcome to the FINAL Easy Ways to Detox at Home During Winter series. 

Can you believe it's Spring tomorrow?! I love this time of year - perfectly warm weather that invites you to stay outside all day! Has anyone else begun to crave cooler, fresh foods such as salads and juicy fruit? On warmer days I have been alternating having our soups (served cold) and our salads. My body is loving the flood of enzymes! I'm feeling lighter already.

 This weeks newsletter is about getting out in the sun and having fun. I know that many of you are in lockdown at the moment and it concerns me that no health official is speaking about the importance of vitamin D and being outside. Vitamin D is not only good for your bones, but it also helps regulate your hormones and your mood. Have you ever heard of SAD? It's an acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder - a mood disorder that occurs at the same time every year for some people, generally during winter, when their exposure to the sun is drastically decreased. The sun is an amazing natural source of vitamin D, which makes this time of year perfect to spend loads of time outside with less worry about skin cancer ramifications. As the weather heats up, please apply natural sunscreen to sun-exposed parts of the body if planning on being outside for long periods of time.

Some fun suggestions of things you can do in the sun:

Do you remember the joy of playing in the sprinkler on a hot day? Dig out the sprinkler and give it a go!
A water gun fight amongst family members can lead to a fun afternoon of giggles and shrieks ;)
Have you got a netball or basketball hoop? A soccer ball? T-ball set? A football? Hop outside and play some one-on-one. Try kicking, throwing or shooting with your non-dominant foot or hand. This can be seriously hilarious!
Depending on your lockdown restrictions, you may still be allowed to visit parks and playgrounds. Get on the swing and enjoy the feeling of the wind through your hair. Smile as you glide down the slide. Or get a great bum workout on a seesaw! Swing on the monkey bars, hang upside down, build some arm strength. Parks and playgrounds can be as fun or as functional as you make them.
After something a bit more relaxing? How's your garden looking? Now is the perfect time to explore planting a veggie garden or potted fruit trees. A herb garden perhaps?
How many unread books have you got on your bookshelf, or on your phone/ipad/kindle? Now is the perfect time to grab a bean bag or stretch out in a hammock and get reading!
Even just sitting outside to eat breakfast or lunch and giving yourself a break from electronic devices can both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time :)

 Get out in the sun today. Hit reply and share with me your favourite activities in the sun.

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