Alkaliser Green Smoothie Bottle

Greens means Greats! Who doesn't love to get their green veggies every which way but whole. This incredible low fruit green smoothie is rich in chlorophyll and perfect to get your greens.

Ingredients: Kiwifruit, cucumber, celery, lemon, spinach, parsley

Bottle: 500ml

Must be kept refrigerated at or below 4 Celsius.  May contain nuts and seeds.

Minimum order is 6 bottles of any juice, soup or smoothie.

 Nutritional Information Per 100ml Per 500ml
Energy (Kj) 90 450
Protein (g) 1 3
Total Fat (g) 0 1
Saturated fat (g) 0 0
Total carbohydrate (g) 4 21
Sugars (g) 2 10
Dietary Fibre (g) 1 4
Sodium (mg) 16 82

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