Intermittent Fasting Programs

Are you looking to lose weight and looking for a sustainable solution with no preparation or calorie counting work required?  

Our Intermittent Fasting programs are a fantastic solution. The basics of the program are easy: eat a modified plant-based diet for 2 - 4 days per week, then eat normally the other days. You only restrict what you eat some of the time.

 Our Intermittent Fasting programs include all the great benefits of our popular detox programs but as a long term sustainable weight loss solution.

  • No calorie counting
  • No macro checking
  • No juicing
  • No prepping

There is nothing you need to do on your Fasting Days, it's all done for you! We have done all the hard work counting calories and preparing your juice and salads so you only have to watch your clothes start to fit better, your skin looks fresher and your energy levels improve.   

There are three options to choose from:

Alternate Day Fasting - 3-4 days per week. More fasting days produces quicker results for those looking for a more dramatic result.

5:2 Intermittent Fasting - 2 days per week.  Based on the popular diet, the 5:2 method is a very sustainable long term lifestyle solution to getting to a healthy weight and staying there.

Fasting with Juice? Try Goddess Blends

If nothing else, fasting with juice is a convenient way to get all your daily nutrients in a juice bottle. Using our juices as part of a fast or detox boosts energy, helps balance your body’s alkalinity, and may even clear the mind. We would all love to have a healthy glow on our skin and clean organs, with juice fasting.

Juice Fasting Programs at Goddess Blends

When you begin with juice fasting, you feed your body vast amounts of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits. This process will kick your liver and kidneys into overdrive mode to remove toxins and start building newer, healthier tissues. This fasted state will aid in weight loss due to the noted increase in gut bacteria associated with fasting, and it will assist in the overall improvement of your health and wellness. At Goddess Blends, we have three fasting programs that you may choose from to aid in your healthy journey.

  • 5:2 fasting, is basically where you will be fasting 2 days out of five, consecutively.
  • The alternate-day programme allows for more fasting days, 3-4 days, and produces quicker results for a more dramatic impact.
  • We recommendjuice cleansing before embarking on a weight-loss routine as it is an excellent kick-start phase for your journey to improved health and wellness. We have three-day and five-day programs available. 

We cold-press all our juices at Goddess Blends and use only the high-pressure pasteurisation (HPP) process. Our meals, juices, smoothies, snacks and soups are free from preservatives, artificial colourants, and flavours and allows you to have access to healthy food, REAL healthy food delivered to your door.

Fasting For Women

Incorporating regular short-term intermittent fasts into your routine focuses on when to eat rather than what to eat, as most regular diets do. It is a pattern of eating that cycles between periods of regular eating and fasting. In this way, you will consume fewer calories and improve your vitality.

  • Intermittent fasting works best when coupled with calorie restriction, typically under 600 calories per day, and it has no requirement of foods to eat or avoid. It's a wonderfully healthy lifestyle option rather than a diet.
  • Juice cleansing is popular before embarking on a weight loss programme. It is convenient, simple, and an effective way to eat less and help reduce body fat.
  • When followed correctly and well maintained, intermittent fasting can help improve your overall health and reduce your risk of diseases.

Overall, this lifestyle can easily help save time and effort in the kitchen as you will have fewer meals to prepare and cook.

Australia’s Leading Juice Cleanses, Delivered to Your Door

Through every step on your journey to improved health and wellness, you will have Goddess Blends’ support and assistance to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to enquire about our juice cleanses for a clean-up and reset, fasting for weight loss and health improvement, or salads and snacks to maintain your good health.

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