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Salad Cleanse to Encouraging Mindfulness and Kindness

 All bodies are good bodies, and in this beautiful host we live daily: it carries us through long workdays, illness and periods of stress. Enabling our bodies to function optimally means we love our bodies and what they provide us with daily. Mindfulness and kindness towards ourselves and our bodies start with eating a variety of wholesome, real food packed with minerals and vitamins option, which may rejuvenate the system and may assist with the intake of nutrients, especially popular amongst beginner cleansers and those with active lifestyles. Goddess Blends make this journey easy with our real foods delivered to your doorstep: our range includes soups, juices, salads, meal packs, snacks and smoothies – all created by a nutritionist.

Tips for Planning Cleanses

We believe that cleanses, as one element, may be beneficial, in combination with exercise, healthy eating habits, rest and mindfulness to look after your body. Cleanses, however, can be very jarring to your everyday life. Planning these, to reap the full benefits is vital:

  • Planning your cleanse is the start of the commitment. Be realistic - to cleanse during a celebration or over your birthday will be incredibly difficult. Be kind to yourself, by scheduling your cleanse, you show a commitment to your body.
  • The week prior to the cleanse is preparation. Reducing coffee and alcohol intake and eating more fibre-rich, wholesome food combined with portions of fruits and vegetables.
  • Spending time in mindfulness will help you: identify when you’re tired, when you’re hungry and when something is off. Sleep enough and drink loads of water while on the cleanse.

Setting Up For a Cleanse

 By organising your life, your home and your meals, you will make the process easier. Goddess Blends offer various options for meals, juices and smoothies to make life easier:

  • Delivery to your doorstep, salad delivered means a meal prepped for you, without having to worry about ingredients, food wastage or prepping time.
  • Stocking your home with healthy alternatives before the cleanse is a must: you may have cravings during the cleanse, and instead of reaching for a hamburger, reaching for dates, figs or dark chocolate – which is naturally sweet, will help you stay on course.
  • Delivered meals, whether juices, salad or soups, will enable you to continue your workday and other commitments, as the meals for your cleanse are ready to eat.

 About Goddess Blends

 Our philosophy is deeply rooted in being present in our bodies and showing up for our bodies and what it needs daily to function optimally. We believe our bodies are temples, and keeping this beautifully created temple in excellent condition, is our prime goal, along with discovering real food packed with all the natural vitamins and minerals. We like sharing these in forms that contribute not only to a healthy lifestyle and well-being, but that also fits into your everyday life. We produce soups, meals, juices and salad, delivered to your doorstep.

 Happy to guide you on your journey to a goddess, contact us now!

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