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  • Greens Pack

    Now you can get your fave fresh green Goddess juices and smoothies delivered to your door.

    One pack of the Greens Juice Pack is the equivalent of 8 serves of vegetables and 6 serves of fruit. 

    You can now get your cold-pressed goodness delivered to your door, and maintain the best in fresh wholesome nutrition. We put all our products through high-pressure pasteurisation to kill any nasties while retaining all vital nutrients for you. It's just like you made them at home without all the washing up!

    Each pack contains 6 x 500ml juices.  

    Greens Pack- contains your favourite 6 green juice and smoothies:

    Leap Frog - Apple, Cucumber, Kiwi, Parsley, Spinach

    The Alkaliser - Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Kiwi, Spinach, Parsley

    Mean Green - Spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger

    Pine Ginger Splice - Pineapple, ginger, apple, spinach, parsley, kiwifruit

    Water Frog - Watermelon, orange, kiwifruit, spinach, parsley

    Super Salad - Pear, apple, rocket, ginger

    Check out the nutritional information here.

    Shipping Costs

    NSW for ONE delivery date (all juices in 1-2 deliveries - w/in 20kms of CBD occur 7pm-10pm the night prior to your start date. - $5.95

    Interstate (Deliveries are Tuesday - Friday 8am-5pm). Covers ONE delivery date only. Multiple dates require multiple orders - $9.95

    We use compostible packaging for all of our cleanse goodie bags.

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