My Healthy Day (Breakfast + 2 Salads)


Enjoy a combination of muesli, fresh fruit salad, 2 delicious mostly raw vegan salads, 1 cold pressed juice and 2 raw vegan protein balls for a snack. The perfect way to follow up an all juice or soup cleanse to help introduce whole foods back into your diet.  Or perfect as a healthy stand alone vegan raw food program.

You can now get your goodness delivered to your door. To maintain the best in fresh wholesome nutrition we put all juices, soups and smoothies through high pressure pasteurisation to kill any nasties while retaining all vital nutrients for you. It's just like you made them at home without all the washing up! 

Delivery is available in NSW, ACT, VIC & QLD. 1 - 3 day cleanses will be delivered all at once. 4 - 5 day cleanses will be divided into 2 deliveries.

Click here to view FULL MENU and Nutritional Information on the Just Salad Program.

Please read our Delivery Page and Cancellation & Refund policy carefully before you place your order.

 Chose this Healthy Day if you:

  • have just finished an all liquid cleanse and would like to keep up the good work
  • want to start a liquid only cleanse and want to ease yourself into it
  • have a busy lifestyle and want a healthy fresh nutrient rich food delivery each morning

Shipping Costs

NSW for ONE delivery date (all juices in 1-2 deliveries - w/in 20kms of CBD occur 7pm-10pm the night prior to your start date. - $5.95

Interstate (Deliveries are Tuesday - Friday 8am-5pm). Covers ONE delivery date only. Multiple dates require multiple orders - $9.95

We use compostible packaging for all of our cleanse goodie bags.

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