Cleansing can be done on it's own to keep your body healthy by flooding it with nutrients, giving your digestive system a rest, or releasing pent-up bowel matter and toxins. It can also be used as the initial kick start phase towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. 

The Goddess Blends cleanses complement your body's own detoxifying process and allows your body to do its business more efficient and effectively.  We use juices, blended soups and salads as a way of maximising the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes and using them in large doses to help cleanse and renew. 

Juice and blended soups require very little effort to digest.  This means they are quickly and easily absorbed into your body so you can efficiently get the most from them!  6kgs of fruit and vegetables every day can be nothing but good for you, right?

There are many different reasons why people choose to do a cleanse.  Every one of us are subject to a number of chemicals and toxins in our lifestyles, PLUS we are also subject to indulgences in our day to day world!  A good cleanse is a chance for your body to have a break from constant exposure to chemicals, toxins and overall naughties from your food and drink.

Everyone experiences overindulgence's to some degree, and even the most disciplined of us get off track. Typically, there are a couple of reasons why you would cleanse:

  • After times of excess (maybe a big weekend)
  • When you start to get off track and chocolate becomes an every day habit
  • Post Christmas or Easter, or any other holidays, where your “healthy eating” gets forgotten
  • Pre- wedding or special event where you want to look and feel fab
  • Post breast feeding when you are ready to help your body support itself 
  • When your pants are getting tighter on their own accord and you have decided that enough is enough!
  • After any type of stress that leaves you feeling sluggish, bloated and yuck
  • Post surgery to help detoxify the anaesthetic and give your body everything it needs to recover quickly
  • Seasonally, Springtime and Autumn are the best times of the year to Cleanse.
  • We strongly suggest a minimum of three days a month to maintain optimum health.

How the program works

During the program you get 6 fresh juices/soups/smoothies made from fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, every day for your 3 or 5 day program. The 6 juices each day meet your daily energy requirements, containing about 1700 or less calories across the day (including natural fats, carbs and proteins). The juices are designed to be had in a specific order based on your digestion patterns, and each juice has certain cleansing, healing, protective and regenerative properties from its all natural ingredients.

Goddess nutritional juices are 500mls each, and they contain a range of different fruit and vegetables – anything from apples, oranges, watermelons, cucumber, spinach, parsley, mint, lentils, beetroot, lemons, almonds, cashew nuts and everything in between!

You only have these juices, soups or salads and herbal teas and lots of water. During a Cleanse of 3 days or longer, you will also receive a starter gift bag. This includes some detox tea bags, a detox bath soak, a tub of psyllium husk for added fibre and a little container of seeds to chew on (just in case you miss chewing too much!).

You will also receive a “Cleanse Buddy” guide - one email for each day of your cleanse. These have some really useful information about what the body is going through. The Cleanse buddy explains what is happening to the body, just like a friend with you who has done it all before. The “Cleanse Buddy” guide will also have some Do’s and Don’ts for your cleanse. We want you to know that we are here for you, and we want to be the support to help you get through this. It really is an awesome experience!

We deliver to your home the evening prior to your requested start date for eastern Sydney addresses (between 7pm-10pm). Orders for Western Sydney, QLD, ACT and VIC are delivered between 8am - 6pm on your requested delivery day.

We cold-press our juices and use a cold-water, high-pressure pasteurisation processes to kill the microbes caused by fermentation when making our smoothies, soups, and juices, as per the leadership provided by our nutritionist owner. Contact us to shop or if you have questions.

Please contact us if you have any questions, 

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