Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Why should I detox

A: There are many different reasons why people chose to detox. We are subject to a number of chemicals and toxins in our lifestyles, PLUS we are also subject to indulgences in our day to day world! A good detox is a chance for your body to have a break from constant exposure from chemicals, toxins and overall naughties from your food and drink.

Q: Doesn't your liver act as your "detox" organ already?

A: Yes, your liver was definitely designed to detoxify your blood and remove foreign substances.  But a cleanse like the Goddess Blends Nutritional Cleanse complements that process and allows your body to do its business very efficient and effectively.  We use juices as way of maximising the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and raw enzymes and using them in large doses to help cleanse and renew. Just think about it, when you eat a salad, you might get about 1/3 kilo of fruit and veg - 300g of food. Juice that up and you will only end up with about 200ml of juice (less than a cup). So if you are drinking 500ml of juice for morning tea, you are having the equivalent of 3 salads just for snack! Try chewing your way through that, every day for 5 days - you might need a jaw transplant at the end.

Q: Why should I chose this juice detox over another kind of detox?

A: There are a few options available on the market, like herbal supplements, lemon juice/syrup meal replacements, sachet fibre supplements, other juices, or food.  We are different because we use juice and we do it fresh each day.  

The Goddess Blends Nutritional Cleanse is not just a “fast” - it is also very nourishing to your body and mind, NOT deprivation. We use natures gifts to help you feel cleansed, renewed and happy!


Health Questions

Q: Can I do this if I am Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

A: The answer is no.  Whilst we don't supply a nutritional deprivational cleanse, it is still rich in calories, it still may not be enough for you!  It acts as a great supplement to your current diet, as the juices are all rich in fresh raw fruits and veggies. But you actually may need to add a LOT more calories than you normally consume while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Q: Will the cleanse slow my metabolism?

A: Everyone is different, and it depends on your body.  It is not a starvation, and it will help kick start removal of toxins and also your metabolism.  Those with a slow metabolism should notice an improvement, but if you already have a fast metabolism, then it probably won't change much.  

Q: How many calories in each detox program?

A: The Juice and soup Cleanse contains about 1700 calories in a days worth of juices, the ACTIVE Cleanse has about 1900, the Low Fruit Cleanse has about 1500 and our Juice Until Dinner has about 1600. However, not all calories are created equally, so 100 calories from a choc chip biscuit is not the same as 100 calories from fresh strawberries. We juice up about 6kgs of fresh raw produce each day for you, so the cleanse is much more about nourishing your body to the max, rather than counting calories.  

Q: If I have diabetes, can I still do the detox?

A. The first answer is to check with your doctor.  We do have a low fruit program that may be suitable, and we can most definitely send your doctor a list of ingredients.

Q:I am lactose intolerant, can I still do the detox? 

A: For sure!!! There are  NO animal products in our juice.

Q: If I have a gluten allergy, can I do the cleanse?

A: Absolutely! Our ACTIVE cleanse program does contain is the wholegrain organic oats that are added to the breakfast smoothie – we can omit these if needed.   In our Juice and Soup, Low Fruit and Juice until Dinner programs, nothing else contains gluten!  We do use some soy sauce in some of our salads, so if you are choosing a program with salads, then be sure to let us know you can't have the soy sauce.

Q: What about fibre, should I supplements?

A: We don’t juice absolutely everything in our program, we use a combination of juicing and blending, so we are able to maintain fibre in the juices. Also, the soups are blended and include legumes, so there is also a natural level of fibre in those.  Also, we do include psyllium husk as a fibre supplement to use during the cleanse to help, if you need it!

Q: Is there any protein in it?

A:  In the Goddess Blends detox, you will be getting protein from the soups and nut smoothies.  They are plant based proteins, and nuts and seeds are very rich in unsaturated fats which are an important part of the healthy diet.  

Q: What weight loss will you guarantee?

A: The Goddess Blends Nutritional Cleanse is designed to be a detox, not a permanent solution to weight loss.  It is a fantastic way to kick start a healthier lifestyle, but if you go back to eating Tim Tams for breakfast, then you will put the weight back on. Generally people will lose a little bit of weight, and that is a nice side effect.  It has been designed to give your digestive system a rest and therefore allow your body to eliminate toxins. Everyone is different, so you may not lose weight.

Q: If I do lose weight, will it come back when I eat normally again?

A: If you use this detox as a way to kick start a healthier lifestyle, then no, but use the Goddess Blends Cleanse to help you understand your eating habits and turn over a new leaf. Whilst cleansing become aware of your eating habits and motivations for the kinds of foods you eat.  Do you eat for stimulation? Do you eat because you are bored? Do you eat when you are emotional?  The cleanse will help you to understand these questions and how you can better manage your lifestyle.  The Cleanse is a great way to "reset" your taste buds.  You will find it is a great way to cleanse your cravings for sugar, alcohol and processed foods, so you are less tempted to indulge in these things.  Alot of our customers report a dramatic change to their lifestyle once completing the cleanse - including increasing the amount of fruit and veg they eat each day - this will naturally help them lose more weight.

Q: I don't want to have too much sugar, should I still do it? 

A: We can cater to fructose intolerances, and have a low fruit cleanse that should be suitable for you.  However, please just drop us an email with any requests, we can cater to you!

 Delivery Questions

Q: I live outside your delivery circle, when will I get my juice?

A: If you live outside about 20km of the city, then generally we will use a courier to deliver your juices, and you will get a few days at a time. The courier should arrive in the afternoon. You can chose to start when you get the juices (start with lunch soup or afternoon tea) or start the following day.

Q: I live near your kitchen, can I pick up the juices?

A: Of course!  But you will need to confirm with us when you want to pick up as we might be in the kitchen and not hear you at the door!

During Your Juice Cleanse Questions

Q: Do I get instructions?

A: Of course, we send a prep email to everyone prior to the cleanse. Plus you will get a card with your delivery every morning with some instructions, and a daily update email. You can call or email us at anytime to ask any questions!  Please do call if you have any unusual symptoms you would like to discuss.  Your juices are clearly numbered 1-6 with little labels, so as long as you can count up to 6, you will be all over it.  Your juices will most likely be colour coded too.  All the colours that match (like all the white dots) are for one day, and all the other colour is for another day (like all the blue dots).  It doesn't matter which colour for which day.

Q: Can I have fizzy drinks - coke, diet coke, soda water, lemonade, etc?

A: Pretty much, no! Try to stick with water, herbal teas, and your juices of course.

Q: Can I have decaffeinated coffee or black tea?

A: Once again, a solid negative, ghost rider.  You probably knew the answer already though...

Q: I have to travel away urgently, can I take it with me?

A: If you are taking a short trip interstate, you can use your esky to transport the juice.  The esky will maintain the temperature of your juices for up to 4 hours.  But if you are going to be in transit longer than that, it is not a good idea. 

Q: I can't drink the herbal tea you supplied, can I have something else?

A: You can have any herbal tea you like, but green tea/white tea must diluted significantly - rather than 1 tea bag per cup, have 1 tea bag per 4 cups (or teapot).  Peppermint tea is a lovely refreshing tea to have whilst cleansing, and American Ginseng is reportedly very good for headaches (so one of our cleansers has told us!).

Q: How long will the juice last?

A: The juices have a shelf life of 6 weeks and the nut milks 2 weeks. We don't heat pasteurise any of our products as the process kills way too many heat sensitive nutrients and healthy fats! Instead we use high pressure pasteurisation which kills any nasties. but leaves the juices and milks as fresh as the day we made them.

Q: Are you sure it is safe to drink?

A: We do use a high pressure technique that kills any nasty bugs that might be lurking on the fruit and veg, like salmonella and listeria.  This technique means that all the bugs are killed, making it very safe to drink and very fresh.  All the raw enzymes are still intact and you get the benefit of fresh juice without the risk.

Q: If I don't have the juices in the order, does it matter? 

A: Yes, the juices, soups and smoothies have been designed to be consumed in a certain sequence that directly effects how you absorb, assimilate, and digest nutrients. For example, the green juice is designed for the morning, as it a chlorophyll based energy hit, and on an empty stomach, your body will absorb ALL of the vitamins and nutrients. 

Q: Do I have to keep them in the fridge?

A: Yes, try to take them out of the esky and put them in the fridge.

Q: I really miss chewing, what can I do?

A: We do provide a daily dose of some seeds to chew on, it isn’t huge, we know, but it should be enough to get your jaws moving without interrupting your cleanse.

Q: If I eat something, will I undo all the good work?

A: If you have a business meeting, or social function you can't avoid, try to keep the food as raw and whole as possible - think salads, with loads of fresh raw veggies, no creamy dressings, meat, etc.  It won't ruin your cleanse, although try and schedule the detox when these commitments are minimal or non-existent.  

Q: Should I do a colonic whilst detoxing?

A: Most definitely, if you can!  This will be a wonderful addition to your cleanse.

Q: Can I keep exercising?

A: Yes, you can.  If you have been at a certain level of exercise, then you will be fine to continue doing it.  It is not a great idea to start a brand new type of exercise and start your detox too, just because your body will be cleansing and removing toxins so it will already be under pressure.  But if you are an avid runner, then run you will!

Q: Will I get the detox symptoms?

A: We usually call this a healing crisis, where your body is removing the bad stuff and renewing.  During this process, you may feel it....  So not consuming things like coffee, may result in headaches, shakiness and restless leg syndrome (leg and lower back pain).  

Q: I will starve if I don't eat anything, won't I feel hungry?

A: You will be very surprised at the way it feels to do the cleanse.  It is different to your regular eating regime - normally you would get hungry and then eat a big meal and feel quite satisfied.  However, during your cleanse you will be having a juice roughly every two hours throughout the day. So you are constantly nourishing, without letting yourself get really hungry.

Q: What should I eat when I’m finished?

A: You will be provided with menu and meal suggestions for post your cleanse.  Generally, the rule is to keep it as raw and unprocessed as possible.  Stay away from red meats, dairy, alcohol, processed foods for as long as possible and eat as much fruit and veggies as you can!  

Q: How often can I do it?

A: As often as you like!  Some people chose to do it once a year, some once a quarter at the change of the seasons, some do it once a month, and some people do it for three weeks in a row when they come back from a particularly naughty long holiday!

Ordering Questions

  1. What’s better, 3 days or 5 days?

    A: The 5 day cleanse achieves the best overall results, but the 3 day is a good maintenance program and also a good starter to get cracking before the 5 day cleanse.  

    Q: Which one makes you lose the most weight?

    A: If this is result you are looking for, then the 5 day cleanse is the answer.

    Q: I have a question that I can't find the answer to, what can I do?

    A:  You can email

    Q: Is a 1 day cleanse worth doing?

    A: Yes! Just one day away from eating naughty foods, drinking and processed foods, and dosing your system up with 6kgs of fresh raw produce will do something!  You can use it to strengthen the immune system, allow the body a break, and just help yourself better about doing the right thing!

Any other Questions you might ask...

Q: Is seems a bit expensive, why is it?

A:  Consider that you are having up 6kg of fresh organic fruit and veggies each day, it is pretty reasonably priced!  We use very fresh produce, and use a special juicer to get the maximum nutrient value and freshness.   

Q: I have some eskies that are left over, will you collect them?

A: The Goddess Blends eskies are very handy to take your lunch to work or to take some cheese and biscuits to the park for a picnic. If you don't wish to keep them you can recycle them in your normal curb side recycling bin.

Q: Where do you get your produce?

A: We go to the markets daily to buy fresh produce!