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We at Goddess Blends have committed to facilitating our customers’ health journeys by delivering our products right to their doorsteps at home and at their workplaces for nearly 10 years. From Monday to Friday, we faithfully deliver our juice cleanse products in Newcastle and other cities in New South Wales. At Goddess Blends, we believe that each woman should treat herself like a Goddess!

Preparing for a Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse begins with the pre-cleanse stage. This is a set of preparations done before beginning your 3-day or longer cleanse. If you have experience in juice cleansing, you can also try a program lasting for 3-7 days.

Here are the essential steps during the pre-cleanse stage.

  • Hydrate. Get that water flask out and start hydrating prior to your cleanse. Drinking water before the cleanse helps to transport important nutrients to your cells.
  • Lower your caffeine intake. From coffee to soda, it’s best to cut down on your intake of caffeinated beverages before starting your cleanse. Don’t worry, lowering the caffeine levels in your diet is not the same with completely removing it, especially for coffee lovers. In preparation for your cleanse, you could opt for low-acid or cold-brew coffees.
  • Start adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Your juice cleanse will be filled with healthy foods and drinks and incorporating them in your diet earlier will help your body adjust quickly during the cleanse. At the same time, it is recommended to steer clear of animal products, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, etc.. These foods demand more work from your digestive system, while it is best to avoid overloading your digestion before doing a cleanse. Furthermore, it is important to avoid processed and sugary foods. It’s very likely that you will end up craving junk foods during your cleanse. So, it is best to avoid them earlier to make sure your body is accustomed to healthy foods for long periods.

Juice Cleanse Programs by Goddess Blends

If you followed the pre-cleanse steps above, you’re finally ready to start your juice cleanse! Here at Goddess Blends, we have a wide range of Juice Cleanse Programs that you can choose from. There’s a Juice & Dinner Cleanse, which is perfect if you are not yet ready to start an all-juice cleanse, and would like to incorporate some solid foods. Whatever your preference, we will make sure to accommodate you to help you on your journey to your optimal health.

Start your juice cleanse in Newcastle today. Browse through our Juice Cleanse Programs hereand kickstart your healthy lifestyle!

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