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For nearly 10 years, we at Goddess Blends have faithfully delivered our juice cleanse products in Seaforth. As Australia's Original Juice Cleanse Company, we provide support for every stage of your health journey, from a healthy restart with cleansing, to weight-loss with our Fasting Packs, to weight maintenance with our My Healthy Day range.

We believe every woman deserves to feel like a Goddess! Our juice cleanse products give your body a clean-up and reset and start your journey towards the ultimate healthy lifestyle today.

Why Do a Juice Cleanse?

So, why should you do a juice cleanse? Here are some of the important benefits of juice cleansing:

  • A balanced diet should contain a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our detox juices contain exactly that – they are packed with only nutritious and healthy fruit and vegetable juice – nothing else is added! As a result, your body will absorb these nutrients quickly, which greatly benefit your overall health.
  • Juice cleansing also helps to detox the body. The amazing nutrients and antioxidants contained in the fresh juice will aid the natural detoxification process in your body.
  • Our cold pressed juices contain a wide range of beneficial enzymes and vitamins, including vitamins A and C, and more! The lack of fibre in the juices means the nutrients are more easily digested and can give your skin a healthy glow from the inside out. One customer commented that her husband thought she’d had a facial when she finished her cleanse!
  • Some types of cleanse programs can decrease your energy for everyday activities. However, our juice cleanse program is designed to provide the essential nutrients to fuel your body and boost your energy levels during your cleanse. Many of our customers remark that they didn’t feel deprived at all during their cleanse (which they were either afraid of or had experienced with other cleanses) which made the cleansing process much easier and more enjoyable for them.
  • Eating unhealthy, highly processed foods every day such as fatty cuts of meat, foods high in sugar, preservatives and chemical additives (those ingredients with listed as numbers), and consuming alcohol increases the levels of inflammation in the body. Taking a much-needed break from these unhealthy substances will help your body to repair its cells and detox foreign chemical substances. Moreover, the antioxidants in the juice further protect your body from damage by free radicals and help in reducing inflammation.
  • Juice cleansing can aid your weight loss efforts. Our juice cleanse programs can help you kickstart a healthier lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and healthy habits such as regular cleansing.
  • Cleansing can help you feel better and yes, that is important to help you not just get through the day, but get the most out of each day. Positive benefits of cleansing include more energy, clearer thinking/a lifting of brain fog, less bloating, clearer skin, a desire to exercise (who knew that existed?! Lol), a heightened sense of smell and an aversion to unhealthy foods (which just drag you back down again).

Cleanse Options

Here at Goddess Blends we love to accommodate all of our customers’ needs during their health journeys. If the idea on consuming just juice for a period of time scares you, we have a juice and dinner cleanse program, which is a combination of cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices and a salad. Each day of the cleanse includes four 500ml bottles of juice, plus a delicious fulfilling vegan salad, such as our Moroccan Lentil or Colourful Mexican salads. You can explore our entire salad range here.

During the Winter months we have you covered with our Juice and Soup cleanse range. These cleanses include three 500ml bottles of juice, one 500ml bottle of nut milk smoothie and two 500ml bottles of soup (for you to have for lunch and dinner). We have a large diverse range of 9 soups, so there is sure to be soups for every taste! For example, our Creamy Cauliflower Mushroom soup will surprise and delight even the biggest of dairy fans! And you’re sure to get a kick out of our Vego Con Carne soup blended with tomatoes, red kidney beans and a delicious blend of Mexican inspired spices.

Are you trying to kick your sugar habit? You’re not alone. Food companies have been deliberately adding sugar to their products (both sweet and savoury) for decades now as the research emerges that the consumption of sugar lights up the same receptors in our brain as cocaine; meaning that sugar is just as much of a drug and just as addictive to our bodies as cocaine. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! All of our cleanses are also available in a Low Fruit Juice option. Regularly doing a 3 day Low Fruit Juice cleanse will help readjust your taste buds so you begin to recognise and appreciate the sweetness of natural foods, even vegetables! If you’re 100% committed to kicking your sugar habit, our 7 day Low Fruit Juice cleanses will do the trick.

What Now?

Ok, so you have completed your cleanse, what now? If you feel fabulous, carry on with eating a mostly plant based diet. If you’re wanting to lose weight and initiate a fasting routine without counting calories, then our Fasting Packs can assist you. They’ll take the worry out of weighing and measuring each ingredient of your food on your chosen fasting day. We have already done all the calculating for you! Each day will total less than 600 calories.

We have 2 fasting packs available – a 5:2 Fasting pack (you eat normally for 5 days and fast for 2 days) or an Alternate Day pack (you eat normally for 3 days and fast on the alternate 4 days). Each Fasting day includes 2 low fruit juices and either 2 soups or 2 salads. Both the 5:2 Fasting pack and the Alternate Day packs are available in the juice plus soup or salad option. Research has shown that implementing a fasting routine for at least 6 weeks is optimal for achieving weight loss. With 7 different low fruit juices, 5 different salads and 9 different soups available, we have a load of combinations to ensure your Fasting days aren’t boring!

We know how busy women are these days – most of your work or run your own business, as well as manage a household and a host of children’s activities. You’re flat out, we know it, because we are too. We specifically designed our My healthy Day packs to accommodate busy women. There a 3 packs available to cover you ranging from meals just for the work day including 2 juices, 1 salad and 1 pack of protein balls, to our largest pack that covers you from breakfast to dinner which includes muesli, 1 fruit salad, 1 juice, 2 salads and 1 pack of protein balls. Whether you’re hitting the gym first thing in the morning, or have a 6pm meeting, you can still look after yourself and eat healthy so you can perform at your best all day. Each pack is customisable, allowing you to select your favourite juices, salads and protein balls.

But, I hear you say, the clock hits 3:30pm and 3:30itis sets in. Yep, we’ve thought of that too and developed 2 delicious, nutritious plant based, low sugar protein balls that will fulfil your sugar cravings without the sugar crash later on. Both protein balls are packed full of nuts to give you a healthy dose of fats, sustained energy and protein. Each pack comes with 2 x 35g balls, available in Coconut Cranberry and Nut & Seed flavours.

Many of our cleanses and packs are customisable too. Allergic to tomatoes? Or red onion? Hate coriander? Or beetroot juice? Simply pop a note in when ordering and we can omit them for you 😊 Have a question about something nutrition related? Shoot us an email at hello@goddessblends.com.au and our nutritionist owner, Carly, will reply directly.

As Australia’s original Juice Cleanse Company, we will help you ease your way into a healthy lifestyle. So, order your juice cleanse in Seaforth today and be assured that you will have a fulfilling 3 or 7 day cleanse with any of our Juice Cleanse programs!


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