Goddess Blends Cleanse Nutritional Information

So you are interested in the nutrition behind the Goddess Blends Cleanses?

Here are some interesting facts:

  • We cold press our juices each day to ensure maximum nutritional benefit and freshness.
  • Each juice contains half to one kilogram of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes in a 500ml bottle. That is up to 8 serves of fruit and vegetables each day.
  • There are no preservatives or additives in our juices. Nor are our juices "cooked" to allow them to sit on a shelf for months on end. Our juices have been made from fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Just as nature intended them!  However, we do cook the legumes and beans.
  • All natural fats, proteins, sodium and sugars - there are no unnatural flavour enhancers in these puppies. Everything you are drinking started its life as an itty bitty sprout.
  • Each day you are getting approximately the RDI of kilojoules/calories - this is not a low calorie fad diet!  We don't want you to starve yourself and then go back to normal eating.  If we did that, then your body would think it is in starvation mode and then when you started eating normally your body would store all the additional calories... Uh oh - not a pretty thing...
  • Each day you are receiving the recommended daily intake of healthy fats (65g) but HALF yourrecommended daily intake of saturated fats (RDI: less than 20g; Goddess Blends Cleanse: 10.2g).  
  • Each day you are receiving HALF of yourrecommended daily intake of sodium (RDI: less than 2400mg; Goddess Blends cleanse: 701.5mg daily)

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