Jacquie from Mosman

“Well, nearly there now - two bottles to go and that’s a wrap for the 5 day cleanse!
It has been amazing - MUCH better than I thought it would be as I have done many different types of cleanses before and overall eat and drink in the healthy top percentile anyway!
BUT - it still had amazing results for me - so much so that I would like to do a 3 day cleanse starting on Monday June 8 and going to Wed 10th, I know it is soon but we are going away on the 15th and I would really love to feel this good as I step onto the plane! My husband may even join me!

The bad and the good of it.
Monday is easy really, but definately Tuesday is hard! Everything else you mention, getting over the hunger, feeling revitalised , smelling things better etc etc are all true and really do happen.

Two things I am amazed about:
1. How can you have such regular and LARGE bowel actions when all you do is drink 6 bottles of juice - amazing?
2. And OH WOW! I felt and now feel - FABULOUS!! THIS is THE answer to eternal youth, without question! I am over 50 and feel better than I did in my 20’s! Now that’s a result worth having! I will be doing this cleanse on a regular basis for the rest of my life and have already booked my next one!

And a bonus third point - for over two years I have dieted and exercised to get my wieght below a certain point. I am not overweight and dont really need to loose weight but I feel better below a certain weight and just could NOT get there no matter what I tried, gym, pilates, even a nutritionist!

Guess what! At the beginning of this cleanse I was above it and at the end I am below it!! I am talking about less than 2 kilo’s here so by no means saying that in 5 days this is a way to loose wieght, but no matter what I did I could not get below that magic number - and now I have and it feels fabulous! Thank you!

Confession though - I took you seriously about being kind to myself. I scrubbed with a loofah each day, went to bed early every night, had a detox seaweed treatment and added a bath to my pre-dinner routine!
So guys, get used to delivering to our house - you’ll be doing it a lot!
Many thanks, hope I have convinced some more people to do it too.”

Kate from Bellevue Hill

Sorry for the delay in sending this email to you but after finishing my detox I was straight into RAFW and only now just catching my breath.
I am emailing to say how wonderful the detox was and how great I felt after it.  It really is so good.
So good in fact that I want to do it again – and a girlfriend of mine wants to join me.

Claire from Bellevue Hill

“I just wanted to let you know that my mum and I are so happy that we completed the five day cleanse successfully! We were on the verge of giving up on day three but forced ourselves to power through and the results have been great. My boyfriend thought I had a facial yesterday because I look so fresh and I generally feel rejuvenated and more energetic than I have been in a long time. On top of it all I’ve lost about two kilos, so I’ve officially become a Goddess detox convert.

Thanks Goddess!”

April from Woollahra

“I have to say that I really loved it"

Thank you so much for the four day cleanse. I have to say that I really loved it- and wished it went on for longer. I have stuck to fruit and vegetables for the last few days and feel pretty good. I am not going to have cheese, dairy or meat for a little while. I have had some canned tuna tonight with the vegies.

So, the four day cleanse:

To begin with I was really hungry and had the first 3 juices by midday and tried to have a break in the afternoon as I knew I would be hungry at night. I got through the first day without too much of a headache- there was a dull ache but it wasn’t too bad and I was  surprised to also have a runny nose for 5 minutes on the first day. The first day was definitely the hardest- especially as I cook for my 18 month old during the day, do the shopping etc. I went to bed quite early (no time to rest/ take it easy during the day with a 5  and 18 month old)- felt a little grumpy and irritable but it wasn’t too bad.

Day 2 was better, still hungry at various times and became aware of how much I pick during the day. I drank lots of water and herbal tea for the four days- really filled me up and urine was clear by day two.

Day 3 I was really getting into it- beginning to think about the food I normally put into my mouth and how much I can do without it. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for being so strict and sticking to the juice diet.

By Day 4 I have to say that I had adjusted to having the 6 juices and had the last 3 from 5pm onwards. Day 5 ..I was missing the juices!

So all in all I was surprised that I didn’t get more side affects, but I suppose there are so many goodies in the juices that it is not as if I was starving my body. I didn’t have time to have a bath but had one 2 days after the detox with the white stuff. The emails sent through daily were really great and help you to stay on track and remind you how good it is for you”

Helene from Vaucluse

I would like you to know that both me and my husband take my hat of to your business…so professionally done and also nice juices.. (The only one that I really didn’t like at all was the squash).

We will definitely do it again. 

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