5:2 Fasting Plan

5:2 Fasting

Are you looking to lose weight and looking for a sustainable solution with no preparation/work required?  

Our 5:2 Fasting Plan is a fantastic solution. The basics of the program are easy: eat a modified plant-based diet that is all provided for 2 days per week, then eat normally the other days. You only restrict what you eat 2 days per week! Our 5:2 program includes all the great benefits of our popular detox programs, butwith longer-term sustainable weight loss solution.

5:2 Fasting is an easily sustainable and effective approach to weight loss rather than complete fasting, the program will get great results, it is easy to stick with and doesn't require hours in the gym.  

  • No calorie counting
  • No macro checking
  • No cooking
  • No prepping

There is nothing you need to do on your Fasting days, it will all be done for you. We have done all the hard work, and you only have to watch your clothes start to fit better, your skin looks fresher and your energy levels improve.   

Our trial participants found 6 weeks of 5:2 fasting was a suitable length of time to achieve results.

Here is how it works:

1. You will receive your order delivered to your door on day 1. 

2. Enjoy your pack of 2 fresh cold-pressed vegetable juices and 2 fresh crunchy vegan salads OR 2 fresh cold-pressed vegetable juices and 2 fresh filling vegan soups

3. Every other day, just eat normally

4. Drink as much water, with unsweetened herbal tea as you like (black unsweetened coffee and tea are allowed)

5. Pay only $90/week

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It's pretty simple and it works.  Do you want to read more about alternate day fasting?  You can check out more information here:




Shipping Costs

NSW for ONE delivery date (all juices in 1-2 deliveries - w/in 20kms of CBD occur 7pm-10pm the night prior to your start date. - $5.95

Interstate (Deliveries are Tuesday - Friday 8am-5pm). Covers ONE delivery date only. Multiple dates require multiple orders - $9.95

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