Fasting Plans

5:2 Fasting: 2 Days Salads


Here is how it works:

1. Orders for 4 days of Juice & Salad option will be divided into 2 deliveries. All other variants are dispatched in 1 delivery

2. Enjoy your pack of 2 fresh cold-pressed vegetable juices and 2 fresh crunchy vegan salads OR 2 fresh filling vegan soups each day

3. If Fasting for 2 days we recommend 5 days of the week eat normally, then Fasting for 2 consecutive days. If Fasting for 3-4 days we recommend Fasting on alternate days

Not sure whether to choose the soups or the salads? If you're a person who doesn't normally have a big appetite, go with the soups. If you're normally someone who normally needs a lot of food to feel full, go with the salads. Research shows that consuming the same macros in the form of a liquid resulted in participants feeling less full, thus making the soups a great option for smaller eaters (and Winter months!).

*Please note that salads are only available for delivery to Sydney metro and ACT customers*

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