Just Juice Cleanse

Days: 7

One of our most popular juice cleanses, it is perfect for beginners and seasoned cleansers alike. Try a 3 day cleanse for new starters or go for the 7 day cleanse if you have tried something like this before. This type of cleanse is ideal for the warmer months or can be supplemented with broths and herbal tea during the cooler months. There is up to 6kg of fruit and vegetables in the cold-pressed juices in just one day of the juice cleanse!

Each day you will enjoy a combination of 6 x 500ml bottles -  5 x cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juices, 1 x green smoothie, topped off with 1 x cold-pressed nut milk.

To maintain the best in fresh wholesome nutrition we put all our bottled products through high-pressure pasteurisation to kill any nasties while retaining all vital nutrients for you. It's just like you made them at home without all the washing up!

Goodie bags

All orders of 3 days or more receive a FREE (compostable) bag full of goodies to help you through your cleanse. Each bag contains:

Cleanse buddy guide – informative day cards with hints and tips for each day of your cleanse

1 x detox bath soak containing Epsom salts to help your body rid itself of toxins (and who doesn’t love an excuse for a hot bath?!)

1 x detox tea bag for each day of your cleanse. Because tea is amazing :) 

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